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I’m on hold with public utilities trying to cancel my utilities payments at my current address bc I’m moving in a couple weeks. I’ve been on hold for 41 minutes and counting. Do I have other options? Is there a faster way without driving downtown? I couldn’t find anything on their website about final meter readings. Any pro tips?



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fusion260 t1_jddx2f2 wrote

From this post a few days ago:

>The quickest way is to go to their office on 25th St, not city hall. 25th St has a parking lot and a very nice lady there that can help you. I asked her how many people come in there per day because I expected it to be a shit show, and she said they get maybe 15 people a day, because everyone assumes you have to go to city hall.

Oddly, that location says it's closed on Apple Maps, but u/I_Got_A_Truck said it was open as of a few days ago.

ETA: The address I found for that location is 701 N 25th St., Richmond, VA 23223


Brazenbillygoat OP t1_jddxfy5 wrote

Awesome! Thank you. I gave up after an hour. I’ll go in tomorrow. I didn’t realize they had parking!


fusion260 t1_jddy0nh wrote

NP! I edited my original comment to include the address since it's oddly difficult to find on the website


Intrepid-Branch8982 t1_jde0y9u wrote

Be prepared to spend months on this


manyamile t1_jdealer wrote

I’m at the one year mark as of this month. I guess I’ll have to drive down one day and talk to the nice lady referenced in another comment.


EffeteTrees t1_jdrsp7v wrote

Second this. I think it’s taking them 3-6 months to close an account these days. It’s shameful.


DeviantAnthro t1_jddxeaf wrote

I've been trying to fix me final bill from when i moved and cut off my gas for 6 months now. I've accumulated 4 calls to the city with approximately 120 minutes being on hold.

It likely still isn't resolved.


ShadyAdvise t1_jde6md2 wrote

41 minutes is pretty average for DPU hold times, can easily be an hour +. My record was just under 2 hours to get someone on the line. I'd suggest going to their office in person if you want faster service, it's on 25th St. and is repeated in their automated hold system


kid_christ t1_jde1ono wrote

I moved over a year ago, closed my account on the phone, it did take awhile. To this day I receive a “bill” every month showing me that I have an $0.89 credit with them. I don’t know how to get them to stop mailing me recycling paper


Responsible_Detail42 t1_jdg61lf wrote

I moved in 2019 and still get a monthly credit notice. I called once to have it donated, they said it was done. Nope, still get the mailer.

The "bill" even says that credits will be donated after a certain amount of time...apparently that time is longer than 4 years?


hgrdog t1_jdfu3bt wrote

Make sure you document who you spoke to and when for disconnection or final read. We got burned on this and are still trying to get it sorted. RVA service for anything is terrible - one of the reasons we moved.


RVAblues t1_jdhfsa8 wrote

FWIW, the buses are free. If you ever need to do anything at City Hall you can park anywhere near a Pulse station and ride to the Government Center stop. Super easy.