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V3gasMan t1_jdyhilg wrote

Yes, James River Oysters (And other Chesapeake Bay Varieties) are served by many restaurants in RVA. Went to Rappahannock Restaurant recently and they had some excellent oysters


carmen_cygni t1_jdyk4s1 wrote

Tuckahoe Seafood


Available-Reward-912 t1_jdyw65f wrote

Definitely Tuckahoe. They usually have 2-4 varieties, so you can mix and match for different flavors and salinity profiles.


Electro_Sapien t1_jdynhzx wrote

Rappahannock on grace is the classic but birdies on broad is relatively new and is pretty solid.


Inevitable-Elk-3072 t1_jdylwud wrote

If you are ordering in bulk, Rappahannock Oyster Co pulls theirs fresh to order given a few days' notice. They are owned by the same company that runs Merrior on the northern neck.


ChuckBS t1_jdznwet wrote

Man, I miss Rapp Session. Having a place for Oysters and drinks was such a cool date night option


FanDweller t1_jdzqxnf wrote

Check out Birdies! Not far from where Rapp Session was


Danger-Moose t1_jdzrfvy wrote

Oh man, I didn't realize they closed. That's a bummer.

I went out looking for oysters yesterday and everything was closed.


ChuckBS t1_jdzriq3 wrote

Yeah, I think it was a COVID shutdown that became permanent


Danger-Moose t1_jdzrrav wrote

Rappahannock did a bad job of pivoting for COVID. They could have easily run s to go oyster and drinks joint. Big Island Aquaculture was selling oysters out of the back of their truck to lines of people when the restaurants stopped buying.


ChuckBS t1_jdzwtck wrote

Yeah, I mean I think you could write a book on how the restaurant industry adjusted or failed to during the height of covid


Richmond_Mondo t1_jdzxryg wrote

You can get the same oysters next door in the main restaurant though.

I agree that it suck’s Rapp Session hasn’t reopened - they said it was a staffing issue. They couldn’t find enough BOH and FOH staff. And no, I don’t know what they’re paying folks or if it’s competitive.


elgro t1_jdzyfpa wrote

Rappahannock Oyster Co does a great job giving you a taste of the different flavors of oysters the state has to offer. Disclaimer: I used to work there.

The Rappahannock’s are a pretty unique flavor for how sweet and unsalty they are, where as a lot of people really enjoy the olde salts for getting a mouth full of salt water. Rochambeus and Stingrays would be somewhere in the middle.

There are also a bunch of other good farmers that have been mentioned, White Stone Oyster Co, Big Island, Windmill Point. White Stone and Rappahannock will ship directly to your door or may be able to tell you where to pickup in town. Whole Foods and Wegmans usually have a decent selection, think they mostly carry Cherrystone branded oysters from the Eastern Shore when I last looked at their tags. They are one of the largest seafood producers in the country, mostly known for their clams.

If you are out in the northern neck I would recommend checking out Metroid or Byrd Seafood. If you want a really good restaurant not focused as much on oysters go check out Adrift in white stone.


Danger-Moose t1_jdzlpzx wrote

Rappahannock will also sell "bulk" oysters from the bar next door to their main restaurant. Merroir is their restaurant by their actual beds and is worth a trip.

Big Island Aquaculture does weekly deliveries. The Big Market in Bryan Park has a vendor with fresh oysters or jarred on Saturdays. Yellow Umbrella would be good to check out.

East Coast Provisions, Burger Bach, Sam Miller's, Hard Shell all have on the half shell.


hamijojo t1_je0b3hf wrote

Bruce with Big Island is our go-to for oyster roasts and parties at home. Great prices, extremely fresh, tasty oysters


CapeCharlesVA t1_je0rbuk wrote

Ruby Salts is another Eastern Shore oyster company you can find all over Richmond.

RC Seafood, the seaside handpicked can get I think through Sam Rust Seafood, iirc.

Cherrystone as mentioned, I think that's Wegman's too.


LouieKablooie t1_jdzwc7t wrote

Had Whitestone oysters at Giving were delicious.


kernjb t1_je06xga wrote

I order from Whitestone 2-3 times a year. They’ve always been great quality oysters, harvested about 24 hours before they hit my front porch.


ExtremeHobo t1_je0ng1t wrote

Whole Foods always has some.


foxypucc11 t1_je2vbjb wrote

The grill on patterson pre covid had good hh oysters and was selling them in bulk of like 50 or 100 for awhile. Think that all stopped