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goosey65 t1_jcmn4ta wrote

Given how frequent this type of activity happens, it does beg the question if the mayor has ever been in Richmond city streets.


Ultimatethies t1_jcmnrxq wrote

Yeah he didn’t seem to care when a group of dirt bikes left a woman paralyzed in a hit and run a few months back, I’m glad he was inconvenienced


tusant t1_jcmyn4o wrote

Amen. He needs to be more than inconvenienced. And he is a complete narcissistic moron.


Tylerjb4 t1_jcnn41i wrote

Y’all keep voting for him.


tusant t1_jcosvrh wrote

I sure as hell didn’t— either time.


Arviay t1_jcntwlt wrote

Still better than some backward KKK sack of shit. Stoney sucks though


tusant t1_jcopdc8 wrote

Nope— he is the very worst. He is selling the city out big time. And climbing the political ladder. He’s nothing but a two bit criminal who knows zero about running a city.


[deleted] t1_jcmok3h wrote

Yes seriously, does he even live here if he had never seen this? Could explain a lot . . .


fractalflatulence t1_jcn2kgr wrote

Turns out having your head up your own ass drastically affects your sensory perception


wilfredgrom t1_jcnhraq wrote

He lives on the top floor of the Hilton hotel on broad st. Source I work there


tusant t1_jcophs2 wrote

Doesn’t even own any place in the city just a damn renter. And he keeps our real estate taxes out of sight high. But hey, he doesn’t care – he’s not paying any real estate taxes.


LadyDouchebag t1_jcotktn wrote

Miller and Rhodes building? I work downtown and can see that building from my office. I've always wondered what those units are like.


[deleted] t1_jcs1y0f wrote

The more I think about this, the madder I get. So they CAN catch them, arrest them, and prevent them from doing this. They’re just choosing not to. These people were driving me bonkers during lockdown in 2020 and I spoke to a lieutenant who said they couldn’t do anything. Ok! Gotcha. Though we do have new police leadership, so maybe that’s the difference. Hopefully this arrest plus a few more will spread the word to these clowns, and they’ll go somewhere else. Telling they’re from hopewell, I always suspected they were from elsewhere.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_jcmlqbl wrote

>"After the first attempt to pull these individuals over with our lights and sirens, they refused. So we backed off. Turned the lights off and let the airplane do it at a safe distance."

That seems like a prudent response that still lead to an arrest.


drycounty t1_jcr35v7 wrote

Wait. So now we’re okay with police in airplanes?



okcknight t1_jcn5nor wrote

Good. The Facebook posts defending this behavior are gross. Just because we have homicides doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enforce reckless driving laws. Mind boggling


RVAnus t1_jconopo wrote

You don't even need to go to facebook. There are people who trip all over themselves on these posts to say we should let this go because they're not hurting anyone and it would be dangerous to try and stop them.

Good riddance to these 3 assholes, and here's to one less stolen gun being on the street.


chairmanbrando t1_jcn7dx0 wrote

Not only that, but it's different fucking group of cops who deal with very separate offenses. Homicides aren't dealt with in the moment like traffic violations; they're solved later by god-damned detectives. People still defend Chris Brown for what he did to Rihanna, so there's really no hope that the stupid among us might develop a half a brain at any point. Best we can do is keep them addicted to Facebook so they're not out endangering others with their stupidity.


markerfive t1_jcn83jh wrote

Stoney should dive up and down Broad Street sometime.


wilfredgrom t1_jcni28b wrote

His apartment is on the top floor of the Hilton on broad street downtown. He knows about it he just doesn't care unless it benefits him. Source I work there


xRVAx t1_jcmxmgt wrote

This would never have happened to the Hell's Satans moped gang. #LiveFastRideSlow


1975hh3 t1_jcnakz2 wrote

Selective enforcement. Cool. You aren’t the mayor? Get fucked.


Tylerjb4 t1_jcnn893 wrote

They try to enforce it all the time, it’s just hard to chase down someone being reckless on a dirtbike


1975hh3 t1_jcqq26p wrote

Must be nice to have the clout to have 911 actually answer the phone too.


Tylerjb4 t1_jcqs33y wrote

Idk I’ve never called 911 in Richmond


popsrcr t1_jcmwcy7 wrote

Stoked to see this. I’ve never seen a big group, but I’ve seen them.


fractalflatulence t1_jcn2ek0 wrote

Always wondered about those patrolled by aircraft signs…

Punk teenagers with guns playing games. Great


chairmanbrando t1_jcn6o9q wrote

If you're talking about the "speed limit enforced by aircraft" signs, they don't do that anymore. But they do still have spy planes and choppers for tracking criminals. Well, hopefully they're using them only for criminals. They did just put up a bunch of license plate readers that will track everyone who goes by them.


breafofdawild t1_jcnfgvy wrote

Where are the readers?


chairmanbrando t1_jcnfxwi wrote

Where do you think? Where the black folks live.

> The department has invested in 36 flock cameras throughout the city. The department did not specify the exact location of the cameras, but say they’re strategically placed in high crime neighborhoods. 8News found two of the cameras in the Fairfield and Mosby Court areas.


Prestigious_Laugh300 t1_jcovm0v wrote

They are using it to spot stolen cars and review after crimes (shootings for example) take place.


chairmanbrando t1_jcqj9c8 wrote

I know why they're doing it. It doesn't change the fact that they set them all up around black neighborhoods.


Prestigious_Laugh300 t1_jcqmg5l wrote

Maybe the people who live there are tired of getting their cars stolen or unsolved crime and asked the police to do something?


jetroar17 t1_jcpon69 wrote

I would rather not waste tax-funded resources on low crime areas. It's like spraying water where there's no fire. Crime doesn't have a color.


Mollysindanga t1_jcn5xno wrote

>Punk teenagers with guns

stolen guns.


fractalflatulence t1_jcoytr8 wrote

A distinction without a practical difference outside of a police precinct or courtroom


[deleted] t1_jcnu7h8 wrote



i_need_a_lift t1_jcob2yi wrote

It's weird how with some arrests, people seem to get over-charged. Like the police seem to tack on every charge that might stick. Meanwhile, these people were clearly under-charged. Just felony eluding and reckless driving. There should have been a string of charges related to piloting vehicles that aren't road-worthy. No headlights, no taillights, non-DOT approved tires, etc, etc. No insurance. No license plate.


jetroar17 t1_jcpnzff wrote

The felony charges got them off the streets. The prosecutor can later charge them with whatever additional charges the police can prove in court.


PalladiumKnuckles t1_jcpi599 wrote

Magistrates write warrants, cops tend to write tickets. It’s possible the traffic infractions were written up, they just haven’t made it to the clerk’s office yet/aren’t showing up online?


FromTheIsle t1_jcopkp9 wrote

Hey RPD actually did a thing. Now maybe they can stop the dirt bikers FROM DESTROYING MTB/HIKING TRAILS THE CITY PAYS TO MAINTAIN


JDnice804 t1_jcnkmfw wrote

Saw a dirt bike pop a wheelie on Broad in Shockoe near the train tracks yesterday. It was the 5:30 rush and I thought the dude had a death wish. I wonder if he was one of the guys because there was a chopper just over head…


RVAblues t1_jcp6z16 wrote

Police don’t use a chopper. They have a Cessna plane.


Vault804 t1_jcocl2m wrote

You know you're living in a shitty town when it takes it happening to the mayor for anything to change.


Curious804 t1_jcoxdkw wrote

I know one of their mothers. She posted on Fb a while ago about how they arent hurting anyone and its much worse things they could be doing and the police need to leave them alone.


militantrubberducky t1_jcq5lda wrote

"they're not hurting anyone..." Until they slam into them at 70 mph.


weasol12 t1_jcqeryu wrote

I watched them do their thing in Carytown without helmets a few months ago. You know what I call the atv riders doing such extreme wheelies that they're making sparks with their back ends? Organ donors. They're ridiculously lucky that none of them have died by now.


jeffreyhunt90 t1_jcoq4te wrote

For those who have lived in both DC and RVA, how does the frequency with which you see this behavior compare? I’m considering moving back to RVA but when I lived there this **** didn’t really happen and I’m wondering how bad it’s gotten


TrannySoreAssWrecks t1_jcos5xs wrote

I see them more or less every weekend day I leave the house. Often enough that when I hear an engine I think “these twats again”.


Grumgar t1_jcpgh54 wrote

Love the thumbnail. They caught the Witcher!


Linusami t1_jcomjnc wrote

Look like new bikes, I wonder if they came from the recent Honda House heist, looked like a YZ450 being confiscated...


hachikocarlotta t1_jcp648x wrote

Finally, but it's weird it took the Mayor to complain before anything was done.


stabka t1_jcp2n8z wrote

In a minute, I'ma need a sentimental Man or woman to pump me up 🎶🎵


RVAblues t1_jcp78ww wrote

Damn suburbanites coming into town ruining our peaceful city.


jetroar17 t1_jcpnc0b wrote

As a former Baltimore resident this makes me very happy!


KimchiAndMayo t1_jcpuvc6 wrote

This reads like the only reason police got involved was because the mayor called. What about everyone else who's been dealing with it? Do the actual residents of Richmond not matter?


militantrubberducky t1_jcq7gx2 wrote

More like the mayor discourages officers from enforcing things when it garners him political points ("why are they harassing black youth?" "There are more important things to enforce/investigate" etc.). It isn't until either a) he is inconvenienced himself, or b) it happens publicly and he is forced by constituents to demand action. Can guarantee if one of them had crashed and died while fleeing he'd be screeching for punishment.


cowardl_y t1_jcpve1c wrote

God I’ve seen a huge group of these people, was about to go straight through a green light out of lowes at midday when the group came from the left going miles above the limit and running a red light, dumbasses are lucky I wasn’t 0.5 seconds ahead of where I was already in drive cause they’d have fucking killed themselves on my car.


Cuda14 t1_jd2khnn wrote

There’s a house next block over that will bring out dirt bikes into Highland Park area (3 or 4 of them). They were out over the weekend for few hours. Their neighbors (the house on corner) weren’t home so what do they do? Tear the dirt bikes through the neighbors yard (and throughout the neighborhood). Absolutely 0 respect or fucks given. It’s annoying and I don’t bother reporting them because the last thing I want is to become a target.


virginiamasterrace t1_jcnh5i8 wrote

MD/ NY/ NJ drivers are still worse than our dirt bike hooligans


what-the-what24 OP t1_jcnhh1y wrote

Totally agree! I was driving on the Capital Beltway not too long ago and saw a huge group of these bikers and the police were like 🤷‍♀️


virginiamasterrace t1_jcni8x8 wrote

Bless you, I was ragging on regular four-wheeled drivers of those states on public roads but you’re right, they do have far more dirt bikes on the streets up there. Especially Baltimore. I think vice or someone may have done a lil exposé on the trend a few years back. I’m all for reckless two-wheeled behavior. I apologize if I misled you


virginiamasterrace t1_jcnqb46 wrote

All downvotes are from the aforementioned drivers, or even worse- their addle-brained sympathizers.


[deleted] t1_jco0lfo wrote



tusant t1_jcopuax wrote

They need to arrest your ass too. Who do you all think you are?? Stopping traffic so you can joy ride?


throwingutah t1_jcpfwfj wrote

This is not the first time this person has been on here defending his shitty co-cyclists. And I'm referring to the dangerous ones, not the ones just trying to get from point A to point B.


Prestigious_Laugh300 t1_jcovu62 wrote

>if you are going to block traffic

>at least be respectful about it

I’d take pleasure in guttin you