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Charlesinrichmond t1_jdr33yk wrote

favorite? We need a better word for the certainty. Even his opponent describes it as such, and said he was running just because he thought one person on the ballot was undemocratic.

I predict Bagby gets 90% of the vote.


Danger-Moose t1_jdrcuoz wrote

That assumes at least 10 people come out.


Charlesinrichmond t1_jds14my wrote

well yeah. I'm pretty sure this will set new lows for turnout, but Bagby will get at least 3 churchs full of baptists, and that will be enough.

He's already spent 200k on this race I gather. Which is nuts. But my guess is he is getting ready for the rematch


CrassostreaVirginica OP t1_jdrycv5 wrote

Over 5k so far, I read (somewhere on Twitter, can't find it now that I'm looking for it).