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lunar_unit t1_jddfcq9 wrote

Don't worry, they'll have it cut open by next week! /s


penelopeiris t1_jdeurvb wrote

I don’t actually think they would have repaved it if there was an anticipated issue. They’re getting better control of that nonsense.


3FoxInATrenchcoat t1_jddiju9 wrote

Awesome! Now do Williamsburg between Stone, Gillies and over the train tracks between Fulton Gas Works and the abandoned dilapidated warehouse. They’re doing Main down that way but I don’t think they’re taking a turn onto Williamsburg. I request it through 311 every so often for good measure.

Glad for Goshen and the others getting their deserved and overdue attention all the same :)


smarshall561 t1_jdea5qo wrote

I tried to get the brick sidewalk on Broad at the 95 overpass fixed for over a year only to be told the bridge is owned by the state so the state has to fix the adjacent sidewalk.

Am I the only person that thinks 50+ loose bricks next to a major interstate overpass is an incident waiting to happen??


JosefDerArbeiter t1_jdehrh0 wrote

I've had some success resolving and expediting some tickets I create on 311 by calling some of the workers directly - Link to search for employees by department


3FoxInATrenchcoat t1_jdejhnm wrote

I appreciate this pro-tip!


JosefDerArbeiter t1_jdekohf wrote

You're welcome, oh and btw I too have made a ticket for that asphalt fix you're talking about. I estimate that the reason it's so slow going is because road work around active railroad crossings requires extra time & attention and therefore gets ignored until it's absolutely necessary


3FoxInATrenchcoat t1_jden0jd wrote

Oh thanks so much for that information and support. That whole section of road is hot mess.


ohgodhowdothis t1_jddd1be wrote

Will be nice to finally feel comfortable driving down side streets near Cobra to look for parking instead of circling marshall a bunch and praying for a spot


thomas8266 t1_jdep07f wrote

I like how the media is treating this as some miracle that just happened.


External-Pickle-1539 t1_jde1iz1 wrote

Used to live above what is now the Dunkin' YEARS ago and Goshen was garbage back then. Good to see it finally looking like a real street and not something from an Armageddon TV show.


Heavy_Ratio818 t1_jde10jj wrote

I just wanna know why it took so long.


[deleted] t1_jdhqg17 wrote

Because they didn’t care when it was black people cars that were being damaged by the roads, only when people on a higher tax bracket with lighter skin say something does it matter!


jason375 t1_jde7gzb wrote

Okay, now do those damn sidewalks!!!


Mentatminds t1_jdeubhy wrote

Looked like a road from a war torn country.


BabyBat07 t1_jdg63im wrote

I used to work at Bishops for a year and a half and driving down that street to get to work destroyed my shocks.


[deleted] t1_jdhq6la wrote

Sad when mostly us black people lived here, non of these streets even seen a broom. Now that the “superior race” has inhabited Richmond, stuff getting fixed. Uhh I can’t wait until gentrifiers get what they deserve.


fusion260 t1_jdhtpyg wrote

That’s weird. I didn’t know brooms could only be used by white folk or were geo-locked by the Ministry of Cleanliness upon entering certain areas, like rented scooters get temporarily disabled, and their bristles just up and vanish when they’re taken into those areas.

Also, if new-to-the-area Black folk move into these gentrified areas and buy homes (which does happen), do you include them in that weird pejorative nickname in quotes?

What is it that these gentrifiers deserve? Dirty streets where brooms don’t work and people lose all drive to keep things nice?


[deleted] t1_jdhxkzg wrote

First of all smart one, the broom is metaphorical. But you can interpret how ever you feel. Because obviously my stance was saying that roads were not being fixed or rebuilt, which is not something that a resident is allowed to do goofy. At the end of the day, areas in America can only be gentrified by white people, you simple man. If black people move to a predominantly white area, the property value goes down, when white people decide to buy up a mostly black neighborhood, the property value goes up. Argue with yourself, not facts. And they deserve to have things stolen and taken from them, simple! Whenever black people have our own systems y’all look at it as a cheap flip for profit or y’all kill the residents and burn it down (Tulsa race massacre). Y’all steal land from the beginning America and then say you discovered it. One white person wouldn’t move to a run down majority black area, if they didn’t think other white people would help buy the rest of the area and change it for their good. Y’all rely on the fact that there are more of y’all and you’ll have a higher tax bracket.


Dry-Firefighter-6524 t1_jdgcmhj wrote

That’s bullshit. It’s a cobblestone street. FGS, can we not leave some things as they are? Better yet, find tradesmen who take pride in their work who can redo it. Why must we call that which is easier “improvement”? Glad it’s better for users. Sad we couldn’t make the efforts to improve the original craftsmanship.


Heavy_Ratio818 t1_jdhr0bs wrote

You ever try to push an ambulance stretcher or wheelchair on cobblestone? Gtfoh dude. Modern surfaces are more accommodating and cause less damage to vehicles.


smoooder t1_jdi75i5 wrote

takes a deep breath fuuuuuck cobblestone