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JDnice804 t1_jdfv7qa wrote

I feel like this is something you do once and then learn to observe.


fanrva t1_jdfwe0e wrote

Yep. I did this once at forest hill and prince Arthur. Dumb mistake, but whatever. I learned my lesson. Best part of the lesson is there were zero repercussions except a few lost minutes and maybe some judgement from others.


Swrdmn t1_jdgy7op wrote

Honesty… the light-up no left turn has about the same rate of compliance as a Q-tip box saying “don’t put in ear.”


jdbug100 t1_jdfvwg4 wrote

Yeah but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take


ssgonzalez11 t1_jdh6p02 wrote

Given the arrow pointing left on the other side, I can see why that may be confusing.


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_jdh9575 wrote

This is extremely poorly designed.

When No Left Turn is illuminated, there should be a green forward arrow and signage indicating to proceed straight forward into the left turn lane for Shepherd Street.

I’ll add that from the start of the left turn lane (back near the McDonalds) that illuminated sign may not be visible enough in certain circumstances - eg heavy traffic with vehicles in front of the driver obstructing lines of sight.


Andrew_64_MC OP t1_jdftmmv wrote

Arthur Ashe Boulevard & Broad Street

I guess this is super unconventional, but how long do they wait before they realize it literally won’t turn green? I see vehicles waiting every morning…


[deleted] t1_jdj3a8h wrote



Andrew_64_MC OP t1_jdj9yra wrote

They don’t really back up traffic because they sit in their own lane before eventually going straight to the turn lane for the next intersection. Maybe intentionally it feeds right into it


road_chewer t1_jdg70bx wrote

Okay, so what exactly is happening here? I haven’t been at that light in forever, so I don’t get it. That light is on, so you can’t turn left. It doesn’t change. What is the left arrow sign on the left of the stoplight referring to?


10698 t1_jdg8osf wrote

If the "no left turn" sign to the right of the signal is illuminated (visible), then left turns are currently restricted, based on time of day. It's an alternative to the signs that specifically list the days and times you can't turn left, usually during peak traffic periods.

If the "no left turn" sign is off (sign will appear blank) left turns are permitted, and are the only valid turns from that lane per the sign to the left of the signal.

tl;dr:Left sign restricts the lane to left turns only, at all times. Right sign prohibits left turns during specific times of certain days.


inspektalam t1_jdh722y wrote

I’m pretty sure you missed the point. The lane actually does permit left turning - when the light is green. The drivers sitting there don’t realize that because the “no left turn” sign is lit, the left turn signal will never change.


10698 t1_jdhc2x0 wrote

No points missed here, that's exactly what I said.


inspektalam t1_jdhrzvh wrote

Okay I reread and are right…I apologize. What confused me is where you put signal instead of sign my mistake!


aakaase t1_jdh4bab wrote

Man that is a weird configuration. So you can't make a left because the "no left turn" sign is on. So that red left arrow traffic signal must remain on indefinitely? Usually left turn traffic signals correspond to protected turn lanes—are those lanes not used during the peak times then?


Charlesinrichmond t1_jdhxkca wrote

Those no left turn signals are a disaster of traffic over engineering. They should get rid of all of them.


Andrew_64_MC OP t1_jdiaf0i wrote

Opinions on a better alternative? I tend to agree from a driver adherence perspective but they do allow the major through movements to move more cars through during the AM and PM peak hours.


Charlesinrichmond t1_jdr470h wrote

normal left turns. Those really shouldn't be commuter roads, it prioritizes people who live in the burbs over people who live in the city. Commuters should be on the highways


loulouhex t1_jdg2plm wrote

Richmond drivers VS Maryland drivers in a battle to find out who’s the worst driver


Hiltson87 t1_jdgzv95 wrote

North Carolina would like to have a word with you.


TheTariffof19892 t1_jdh2li6 wrote

This isn't a state based thing. It'll be like this as long as people keep automatically getting their liscenses after a "state approved" education program (which usually consist of precisely 0 education)

Edit: That being said, I'd like to nominate New Jersey as having the worst drivers


Remarkable_Breath529 t1_jdjawhb wrote

This is funny but, I think California, Florida and New York would like to enter this race.


bountyman347 t1_jdgkqr6 wrote

They wait like 4 light cycles and then they run a dangerous illegal left turn across traffic completely at random. It’s awesome and I love how educated our drivers are here.


woodiedoo t1_jdi2sdc wrote

Broad street from 5th street to 9th during rush hour, every god damn day.


maddmoxxiie t1_jdjy9nd wrote

I feel like this is a rite of passage.

The amount of rage I feel when stuck behind someone wanting to turn left from blvd between 3 and 5 pm is much more aggressive


Accomplished-Pen-394 t1_jdh9hda wrote

Sometimes people don’t listen to the normal ones either. (It’s how someone almost crashed into me.)


Diet_Coke t1_jdmecox wrote

The turn lane on broad starts so far back it's easy to get in the lane before you see the sign. Needs better signage, because it's a huge pain in the ass if you do accidentally get in that lane.


random_devnull t1_jdjikup wrote

In other news the traffic engineers in central VA continue to make stupid fucking decisions


mah658 t1_jdg6b8q wrote

Because drivers in Richmond are fucking idiots. Literally someone sitting at this light almost every time the no left turn is activated. A cop could sit there and give out tickets like it's the chic fil a drive thru, but that's also true anywhere on Broad.


Tylerjb4 t1_jdli99x wrote

I ignore all of those lights down boulevard. Especially turning onto Cary. Fucking stupid