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touuugh t1_jb3kpm7 wrote

They build it in front of you, how's it missing items?


Greenmind76 t1_jb3r6sv wrote

I once waited in line for 20 minutes just to be told they were out of two ingredients I liked.


kneel_yung t1_jb3ojb7 wrote

Yeah seriously unless they somehow knew what you wanted before you got there and had it waiting for you, or had it delivered to you by somebody else, there's no way this is happening. They'd need some kind of app to do either of those things. Possibly even a website. Hell even a telephone. And since none of those exist, yeah, I'm calling bs


touuugh t1_jb3p8w5 wrote

Christ people suck, you've never worked at a restaurant and neither have the people downvoting me and it shows. Shitty software does not equate to shitty service. Try ordering your food directly from the people making it for a change, ya chudd


chihuahua001 t1_jb4vnfw wrote

That’s crazy somehow the receipt they stick on the bag has everything you ordered but it’s a software problem that’s causing them to not include items people pay for. Are the people behind the counter androids or illiterate?