Submitted by dietcocane t3_125xgpx in rva

I just lost my cat and could some help. Does anyone have any ideas of a place where I can bury her? I would prefer a place that won’t really be disturbed.

I was considering the church hill lookout but it turns out they have a “no dumping” sign that says I could be fined up to $2,500 :/



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bruxalle t1_je6hv3m wrote

Your yard. Please don’t bury your cat at a popular lookout.


dietcocane OP t1_je6i5ut wrote

I get that but I rent so I don’t have a yard, that’s why I’m looking for some help :/


bruxalle t1_je6l2xm wrote

If it’s public property in the city, it will be disturbed or you will be disturbing. You should look into cremation.


ettaann t1_je834bp wrote

You can bury her on our property in Goochland if you can’t afford cremation


PercyDovetonsils t1_je6itzq wrote

You could consider cremation. Agape Pet Services does this.


dietcocane OP t1_je73aaa wrote

Definitely working to try to make cremation happen, I appreciate the recommendation


RVAbetty t1_je7x51f wrote

When I go, I’m planning on cremation. Already told the family to take all the ashes of my 4 legged beloveds and mix them in with me.


momthom427 t1_je7i95c wrote

They just helped me with my pup. I can highly recommend.


what-the-what24 t1_je7hq7f wrote

We did this with both of our older kitties so they can always be with us no matter where we live!


popsrcr t1_je7nm0d wrote

I think all my pets have gone there.


sweetsatanskiing t1_je9iouh wrote

They did my dog for us and it was beautiful. Cedar box and a little paw print in fired white clay and framed with her name and 2000-2018 printed on metal.


sensimillian t1_je9zfdz wrote

I would definitely recommend Agape. I was stunned by the quick turnaround, my vet said it could take 3 weeks for them to engrave the urn and have the ashes ready, it ended up being 4 days. After losing my cat, being able to “bring her home” so soon did really help with the grieving process.


NannyW00t t1_jealzpe wrote

I think Agape also offers distribution of the ashes if you don’t want to buy a container. Call and ask. They are very kind and easy to work with.


Rogleson t1_je6judl wrote

There's a place in Sandston called "Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery". Not used them, but I've driven by.


PuffyMcScrote t1_je6qsl0 wrote

My heart goes out to you, OP. I, too, rent and if faced with this kind of situation I'd viking funeral my best friend on the James


Swrdmn t1_je735bp wrote

I thought about doing a pyre on the river when my cat died last year. I’m glad I went with a professional cremation service though.


AdSpecific1737 t1_je804xp wrote

It’s important to remember that such a thing could go VERY badly and possibly emotionally scar those involved forever🫣


FromTheIsle t1_je9f099 wrote

Ya holy shit...people act like burning a body is no big deal.


PuffyMcScrote t1_je73e47 wrote

Yeah, there's things to consider. It's not a simple process


dietcocane OP t1_je751sk wrote

I really appreciate the sympathy


RVAbetty t1_je7xul5 wrote

I’m really sorry too. Lost my sweet doggo in Spring and my cat is my goofy bestie. They’re better than people. Your kitty was lucky to have so much love.


dietcocane OP t1_je753mj wrote

Thank you for sharing that experience, I hope I get to do the same


dietcocane OP t1_je7507v wrote

I really appreciate the alternative idea, thank you. I hope your best friend gets to live forever


popularinprison t1_je6nu0f wrote

I’m very sorry for your loss. I would personally recommend cremation. We used Caring Pet Cremation Services which is local when our dog passed last year and I’m really glad we did.


dietcocane OP t1_je72w21 wrote

Thanks for the recommendation. I lost a lot of money to emergency vet costs so I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford cremation, but I might be able to scrape the money together with the help of some friends


bigkshep t1_je9pobk wrote

We just had our bestest boy cremated. FYI it’s more to have them cremated alone and to get the ashes back. The normal price they had was a “mass cremation” and you don’t get the ashes back.


According-Couple2744 t1_je8pgrt wrote

Perhaps if you explain your situation, the crematorium could work something out for you.


Swrdmn t1_je72ssl wrote

This. I can’t recommend David enough.


andrew_c_r t1_je722j3 wrote

You can do it in my backyard. My house ain't changing ownership for decades.


dietcocane OP t1_je75p0o wrote

Thanks so much for the offer, I’ll reach out if I need to, but I’m going to see if I can scrape together enough money to cremate


andrew_c_r t1_je7dsuk wrote

My backyard offers an incredibly competitive rate at $0 per month. Just lmk. Your cat had a wonderful life because of you and I'm sure they are thankful.


Cerebral-Knievel-1 t1_je7eyyo wrote

Im in lakeside, and I'd be perfectly happy to make a spot in our little pet memorial garden.

Baring that? I also have a post hole digger, and i'd be very willing to help you place your cremated friend down guerilla style


[deleted] t1_je6l7w1 wrote



hexesforurexes t1_je6v4kp wrote

Or your furry pal will be dug up by someone hungry. So really, cremation is the right thing to do here I think.


TripawdCorgi t1_je6pu99 wrote

As others have mentioned, cremation is an option and you can check with your vet to see who they use. They also may be able to store your loved one until the provider is able to pick them up. I'm sorry for your loss. I would personally opt for cremation because if I move, the thought of not being able to "see" my loved one again would weigh on me.


dietcocane OP t1_je71x73 wrote

That makes a lot of sense, thanks for your input


Swrdmn t1_je70y0c wrote

David Nelson with Caring Pet Cremation Services link. Affordable and stress free. I can’t overstate how kind and professional he was. Exactly the kind of person you want to pick up when you have to make that call.


dietcocane OP t1_je734ip wrote

That matters so much, thank you for recommending


Henhouse808 t1_je6vr8n wrote

Cremation. When you have a place of your own you can scatter the ashes there.


FromTheIsle t1_je9eqi2 wrote

I know you are probably broken up right now...but please don't bury your cat in a public park.


xTiredSoulx t1_je6za7h wrote

Paws and Remember is who we used to cremate our cats.

So sorry for your loss.


dietcocane OP t1_je72zir wrote

I really appreciate it and the recommendation, thank you


ChickenBoneDildo t1_je77iz6 wrote

Sorry for your loss. My dad buried our deceased childhood pets in the yard. Bothered me when I was young, comforting when I got a little older.


Poke-a-dotted t1_je770ye wrote

I am very sorry for your loss. Pets often touch our hearts in a way no human can.

We have cremated our pets. We had to while renting, but have continued to do so. Group cremation is cheaper. I’ve used 2 places here, and had no complaints (Forever friends and Caring pets)


dietcocane OP t1_je77j16 wrote

Thank you so much for the kind words and the recommendations❤️


93devil t1_je98mys wrote

I think Stephen King wrote about this.


Master-Ad-5153 t1_je7ti0q wrote

When we lost one of our kitties years ago, our vet had informed us that there's a local ordinance in the city making it illegal for pet burials outside of a cemetery or something like that. May be worth looking at the local regulations if burial is still on the table - I can't imagine how hard it'd be to lose a kitty then have to deal with that kind of mess. Sorry for your loss!


According-Couple2744 t1_je8paew wrote

I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve had my last three cats cremated through the vet.