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PuffyMcScrote t1_je6qsl0 wrote

My heart goes out to you, OP. I, too, rent and if faced with this kind of situation I'd viking funeral my best friend on the James


Swrdmn t1_je735bp wrote

I thought about doing a pyre on the river when my cat died last year. I’m glad I went with a professional cremation service though.


AdSpecific1737 t1_je804xp wrote

It’s important to remember that such a thing could go VERY badly and possibly emotionally scar those involved forever🫣


FromTheIsle t1_je9f099 wrote

Ya holy shit...people act like burning a body is no big deal.


PuffyMcScrote t1_je73e47 wrote

Yeah, there's things to consider. It's not a simple process


dietcocane OP t1_je751sk wrote

I really appreciate the sympathy


RVAbetty t1_je7xul5 wrote

I’m really sorry too. Lost my sweet doggo in Spring and my cat is my goofy bestie. They’re better than people. Your kitty was lucky to have so much love.


dietcocane OP t1_je753mj wrote

Thank you for sharing that experience, I hope I get to do the same


dietcocane OP t1_je7507v wrote

I really appreciate the alternative idea, thank you. I hope your best friend gets to live forever