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Interesting-Field-45 t1_je4wry8 wrote

Even painting/filling in the entire pedestrian walk would help.


turnipmeatloaf t1_je4xblc wrote

They should also bump out those rounded curbs to slow down turning cars. Fast turns are a major threat to pedestrians


ahhh_savanja t1_je6dj1b wrote

Love this idea! You should recommend to City of Richmond Public Works. They operate in the mindset of “squeaky wheel gets the grease” so if enough people put in a request for review it might make it on their CIP list


Grouchy-Macaroon-761 t1_je5f3xy wrote

You would love Not Just For Bikes YT channel


Interesting-Field-45 t1_je5ficq wrote

Oh I do! It’s the best!! I constantly fantasize about walkable/bikeable cities bc of that channel


turnipmeatloaf t1_je5h7ch wrote

Their videos are too depressing for me. The amount of work we need to do to fix American development patterns is so overwhelming lol

I’d rather just go shit post on r/FuckCars while someone smarter and more patient than me puts in the actual effort to change things


Grouchy-Macaroon-761 t1_je5ktfe wrote

I know, it seems irreversible. I think RVA is one of the best cities in the region to bike… at least downtown.


plummbob t1_je6nisf wrote

people forget that downtown RVA was literally built before cars existed, so its intrinsically a great foundation for pedestrian, bike and non-car traffic.


cameronmc3 t1_je5u79q wrote

You should check out Strong Towns.


turnipmeatloaf t1_je5uovu wrote

Hell yes. Already in their email list. I second this recommendation for anyone interested in urban and transportation issues or even if you’re just interested in the financial sustainability of local governments. They focus a lot on the financial side


cameronmc3 t1_je5vht0 wrote

It’s super cool stuff. They just did a crash analysis webinar of a recent fatal incident near Monroe Park. I posted it in r/vcu. They review a lot of relevant surrounding issues in Richmond’s transportation system, and obviously pick apart the car-centric design of the streets that surround the park.


mmasusername t1_je662ci wrote

Another YT channel about urban planning that I love: City Beautiful!


cameronmc3 t1_je5u5xz wrote

Love seeing more people become aware that better cities are possible.


FrankieMunizOfficial t1_je5444m wrote

Yeah this is so bizarre to me. Is there a paint shortage I didn't hear ahout? They redid Main street through the Fan in December and repainted them with the same half-assed crosswalks that nobody stops at


turnipmeatloaf t1_je56v5k wrote

Just a lack of political will, and a culture that prioritizes car drivers over all other road users


lame_gaming t1_je5c245 wrote

“we’ve tried nothing and were all out of solutions!” - city of richmond

i cant wait until the day this city stops making shitty, sorry attempts at making this city pedestrian friendly. if the city cared enough, they could make cary st 2x better for pedestrians, but thats against their pro-car agenda


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_je5ecx2 wrote

I think many of the residents here need to take a look in the mirror too. I drive rideshare and I see too many people taking Uber to go 3 or 4 blocks. “We” take cars for every stupidly short and frivolous trip. In every previous city I’ve lived in, trips like that would be laughed at (obvious exceptions if elderly/disabled/bad weather).


lame_gaming t1_je5lyqd wrote

im absolutely hypocritical considering i live in the burbs, but at least im aware of the problems and what we can do to fix things


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_je5mxzf wrote

If we made our infrastructure walkable and if we could chip away at the cultural hostility we have towards walking up to 1 mile, we could probably make a decent reduction in traffic, traffic accidents, and pollution.


turnipmeatloaf t1_je5tte2 wrote

Agreed. The most important step is to make walking that mile safe and comfortable and making driving/parking less convenient


watcher-in-the-water t1_je72hdo wrote

IDK I see people walking ~1 mile from where I live in the fan to Cary or the breweries in Scott’s addition all the time. I make that walk myself at least once a week. IMO it’s a super walkable area.

However a ton of people drive in from elsewhere, which causes the traffic. I don’t think there is an easy solution to reduce cars from short pump.


dougc84 t1_je7aubc wrote

The majority of Richmond's housing (aside from city neighborhoods built around shopping districts and markets) is large suburban communities that contain no sidewalks. There are extra-wide roads so drivers go unnecessarily fast through residential areas, making people not want to walk. And, even if you were to walk, there's nothing nearby worth walking to anyway. And there's nothing to look at except boring greyge house after boring pale yellow house. "Oh, Cheryl planted a new azalea bush!" Great, exciting.

People that have always lived in the 'burbs come to the city on the weekend. They drive their massive SUVs down residential streets like they do on their street that could easily be a 4-lane road, and end up taking up two lanes down Cary St. because they don't know how to drive on a narrower street. Then they don't give consideration to bikers or pedestrians because that's not what they're used to. The amount of people are so willing to hop in a $65,000 giant pickup truck that they've never really used and they can't see over the hood, then drive down pedestrian-heavy areas like they own it and pedestrians and bikers don't matter, is appalling.


TrashApocalypse t1_je72n07 wrote

Honestly, I don’t want to breathe in all the exhaust. I don’t understand why people run or exercise on roads when we know how bad the exhaust is.

The only way I’m going to want to walk around Cary town is if they take cars completely off the road. Some intersections I can handle maybe include that block with the parking lot for people to drive, but rest? Pedestrians and bikes only.

Another important point, a lot of Richmond sidewalks aren’t that great and can make it difficult to walk. I know downtown isn’t as bad, but southside is terrible, buses just leave you in the woods 😂


Infamous_Fly1886 t1_je94dsb wrote

So what you’re saying is you don’t go outside much? 🧐


TrashApocalypse t1_je9qzqt wrote

As an amputee, I’ll save my walking for pleasant areas that are well paved, not filled with exhaust fumes or the gun shot noises that cars make now.

Go ahead, downvote away Richmonder’s


nosefur t1_je78wlb wrote

The problem most often is not the City but all the residents and businesses that will have a tantrum because their parking has been removed or customers can't get to their business as easy as they could before. There's no winning.


lame_gaming t1_je7eain wrote

theres that too. my go to example for a pedestrian success story is innsbruck, austria. similar population, but their pedestrian area is booming. it also helps that they have 6 (six!) tram lines and intercity rail to every corner of the country + other countries (as far as amsterdam!)

but they also didnt flatten half the city for highways and supported density instead of suburban sprawl. go figure


PopularMedicinetoday t1_jea7s9i wrote

There was one guy in Jackson Ward that showed up to a meeting saying he didn't want permit parking b/c he owned a barbershop and it will ruin his business for customers to park.

He wouldn't let it go even after he was told non-permit people can be there for 2 hours.

He then said it is a travesty that his customers can't park in front (again).

Then one of the locals said "Maybe you should move your car from the front of the shop since you leave it there for 14 hours a day. That would leave a spot open."

We all proceeded to smirk at that burn.

Then the barbershop owner said "why don't you just build a 5 story parking deck so my customers can park there?" like building one is just a simple thing, where would we even get the precious block size downtown land in the first place if we even wanted to?

Guy just wanted all the perks and didn't want change. It was so annoying and it reminded me how unreasonable most people really are... I see it a lot on reddit honestly, especially when people talk about subjects they know nothing about.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_je4yjwy wrote


Dripp_e t1_je63awr wrote

There are some raised crosswalks on Grove near Carytown. They don't seem to slow cars much. But definitely better than these signs that just confuse people.


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_je6lkyk wrote

I don’t believe people are genuinely confused. I think they maliciously and/or deliberately disobey them. I see people gunning for the gas and straddling the center of the road so they hit them.


J-Colio t1_je4zasa wrote

Drainage and snow plow nightmare.

Also, orders of magnitude difference in cost.


lame_gaming t1_je5cgso wrote

americans when people suggest bare minimum traffic calming: 😡

americans when the dot flattens half the city and spends billions making interstates (it saves them 4 minutes): 😁


J-Colio t1_je6u77r wrote

Engineers who design roads professionally seeing lots of downvotes to a comment explaining why retrofitting this existing road isn't a good idea: 🙄😮‍💨

There's an inlet in the picture.


ImpoliteArchitect t1_je756eo wrote

i always appreciate an engineer who not only dismissed ideas for better safety and use, but also fails to provide any kind of alternative. these are the folks who design Richmond, ey?


J-Colio t1_je7ezg9 wrote

I don't know, maybe DUI checkpoints.

Cary isn't a hard road, yet drivers manage to fuck up. We do our best, but you can't design stupid out. MOST of Cary is as straight as an arrow. There's like what, two bends near the VCU area? How hard is it to just go slow? You could do things like Franklin where you narrow the travel lane and eliminate parking so the road 'feels' narrow which naturally slows drivers, but unless you want a constant 4 inches of water to drive through every time it rains, geometric changes to most of the road isn't going to be feasible - ESPECIALLY given current design standards.

If you look at how many inlets are out into new facilities it's crazy. Every manhole structure is like $6k a pop EASY.


turnipmeatloaf t1_je9bkgx wrote

Never trust an American road engineer. They’re the ones that ruined our cities


Utretch t1_je58u1t wrote

Somehow Europe manages that just fine


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_je5arnq wrote

As do other cities in both the US and even elsewhere in Virginia. The city government here just always chooses the laziest/cheapest option for any given situation while making lazy/lame excuses as to why their way is the only way.

Every member of the city council and the mayor needs to be flushed out like the turds they are.


Rvacat t1_je6h38h wrote

People in RVA have no chill for pedestrians . I've almost been hit multiple times trying to cross from the Carillon to Maymont using the crosswalk . Even with flashing lights people still drive through going 55+


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_je6w3no wrote

Once I was crossing Park Dr in Byrd Park with my two kids. A driver stopped to let us pass. The driver behind them swerved around the stopped car and nearly ran us over.


elefant_HOUSE t1_je551gz wrote

Pedestrian signs on Dock st


theeandthine t1_je74ars wrote

Also, those signs below the Holocaust museum have been trashed at least three times that I'm aware of. Why keep spending money to fix them, when they don't actually get people to stop. I think raised cross walks would do more to slow people down, if not get them to stop.


Infamous_Fly1886 t1_je6ohxa wrote

I agree. And the crosswalks in some areas don’t light up to warn drivers


J-Colio t1_je6up3i wrote

I prefer crossing at the one that doesn't have a signal because

A. I don't trust drivers to actually stop. B. There's less traffic C. There's much more sight distance (which is why it doesn't really need a dedicated signal)


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_je561k0 wrote

They worked fine in other cities I’ve lived where the driving culture is different. They cannot and will not work in RVA because the driving culture is too aggressive.


TreeFireAsh t1_je56251 wrote

I ride a Vespa down Cary going to work everyday. If I get behind a box truck, or the like, and want to change lanes, those signs come out of nowhere. And they never last. There one day and smashed to shit the next leaving just the bolted base in the middle of the road. Waste of money and super hazardous.


Cheerwined_V2 t1_je5nmj7 wrote

The one off rowland was tagged within 24hrs of it being installed and then run over 48 hours later. I laughed when I saw them putting them up in the first place. It’ll never change


1975hh3 t1_je70ycr wrote

These won’t work effectively until they address the parking up to the curb. People driving can’t see pedestrians waiting to cross due to the big ass cars parked at every intersection. They need to put those concrete bump outs that prevent cars from parking on the corners at every intersection.


h0tsauce4thesoul t1_je56etj wrote

(maybe not perfect here but..) why dont more roads utilize rumble strips to raise driver awareness in certain areas?


turnipmeatloaf t1_je57jhc wrote

Idk about on city streets, but rumble strips have saved my life several times on the highway. I had a long commute for a while a few years ago and would regularly struggle with staying awake. A few times I drifted off and was alerted by those strips.

Literal life saving infrastructure


h0tsauce4thesoul t1_je5u9fh wrote

They are a massive safety feature on highways for sure and used significantly throughout the nation - which is why i've always wondered why we dont use them more. I feel like they are probably one of the most efficient driver alert/behavior modification systems out there. Efficient by cost to install, maintain, not as divisive as speed bumps, dont impact certain vehicles like snow plows or other vehicles, and it wont damage your car if you accidentally dont see it or take it too fast (we've all been there).


Infamous_Fly1886 t1_je94pxc wrote

Because that’ll be something they won’t want to replace 5-10 yrs down the line. Like the one on WAMSLEY near the train tracks


freetimerva t1_je5s3bg wrote

The city prefers expensive solutions that dont actually solve the problem.

This way, they can pay someone to go around and re-do them constantly.


turnipmeatloaf t1_je5u34r wrote

Let’s just spend another half million on a slogan to encourage safe driving like “Richmond Real Safe” or whatever


PopularMedicinetoday t1_jea7820 wrote

Not saying we shouldn't do other things but this seems pretty cheap to me - a piece of plastic drilled into the ground....


freetimerva t1_jea7st6 wrote

Unfortunately it wasn't cheap. Cant remember the quote byt the city budgeted a good chunk of change for these traffic calming measures. And it's also the cost of a guy closing lanes to reinstall them multiple times a year.


cameronmc3 t1_je5u3xh wrote

Raise the crosswalk, add bump outs to the corners and “daylight” the cross walk. The point of Cary street is to create a pleasant area, not just move through traffic.


SandingNovation t1_je65rcl wrote

I will forever contend that these don't work on cary in particular because of poor sight lines. As a person who drives a small car, I can't see past the giant SUVs parked on both sides of the street, or the ones driving in front of, behind me, and to my immediate side. Between weaving between vehicles that are double parked with their flashers on, pedestrians using crosswalks, pedestrians crossing without crosswalks, people parallel parking, vehicles pulling out from side streets, etc, it's very difficult to spot somebody waiting to cross.

If you're in one lane with a vehicle in the other lane slightly ahead of you, you can't see somebody waiting to cross at all.


markerfive t1_je6o15a wrote

I’ve lived in cities where people actually stopped for pedestrians standing on the curb at a crosswalk. The cities also ticketed for failure to yield to pedestrians. I’m not sure why this is so difficult in Richmond.


jackmeawf t1_je9tpjo wrote

I just got yelled at for this on this sub a few months ago. Apparently you aren't supposed to stop for people waiting to cross, only actively crossing? News to me


dalbach77 t1_je50xz4 wrote

Main/Elliewood and Cary need to be either one lane if they remain one way streets, or make them 2 way streets.


BreathAffectionate65 t1_je649yd wrote

They need lights and overhead walkways. That literally would eliminate these problems. They also need to stop letting cars park ALL THE WAY up to the corner where it makes it impossible to see when you want to go straight or make a turn


SandingNovation t1_je66l1i wrote

Yesssss. I drive a Corolla and it is literally impossible to see anything when you try to pull out onto a street in this city because there's a Chevy suburban pulled up to the edge of the curb on one side and an f-250 on the other


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_je78mou wrote

It doesn’t help that a 2023 F-150 is about the same size as a 2003 F-350. Trucks and SUVs are too big and should be regulated in terms of height. Downvote away.


now0w t1_je6kto6 wrote

This is probably the thing I hate most about driving around Richmond on a daily basis. The vast majority of times I try to turn onto another street my view is completely blocked by cars parked right up to those corners. You'd think driving an SUV and having a higher vantage point would help, but honestly I still can't see shit and it stresses me out every time. I just want to make a damn turn without perpetually being terrified of taking out a pedestrian.


Infamous_Fly1886 t1_je954ho wrote

I drive a lifted ford explorer and still have trouble seeing so I understand


Dog_Dad_1989 OP t1_je6li1d wrote

The blind turns are horrifying! There are near misses by my house on a daily basis and I have witnessed a few accidents


iWannaCupOfJoe t1_je6j598 wrote

Overhead walkways are a dumb and expensive idea that would never realistically work. They are too big for most parts of town, and would inhibit people who can't take steps. If you build a ramp they wouldn't fit anywhere.

Drivers need to be impeded by infrastructure to feel unsafe and uncomfortable. That feeling will cause them to slow down and be more careful 9 out of 10 times. For the 1 out of 10 hopefully they wreck their vehicle prior to killing a vulnerable road user.


BreathAffectionate65 t1_je6kxf9 wrote

How is it dumb when it works to cut down “accidental deaths 😒it worked when the bike races came to the city. I’d rather have my money go towards that than the new plants they are putting on the sidewalk by the DMV


iWannaCupOfJoe t1_je6ozvi wrote

Do you know how many intersections there are in the city? Do you honestly think there is room to build pedestrian walkways over every intersection? The sidewalks are not wide enough to support that sort of infrastructure, and people wouldn’t want to walk up a full flight of stairs to cross the street.


BreathAffectionate65 t1_je6pwru wrote

Have you lived in an actual city? Richmond isn’t that big & most intersections don’t need one, just the ones that cause the most problems, which aren’t a lot. Maybe a handful, which usually are the ones in the fan & Carytown. Most people here know how to walk but most don’t know how to “properly” drive & obey traffic laws cause most don’t know them.


Ditovontease t1_je55ldh wrote

The crosswalk in front of cobra cabana

also during the pandemic there was the northside one


jackmeawf t1_je9thct wrote

Omg yes. The sign was down for awhile and they just put it back up. I live across from it and i always think at some point some drunk person is going to get seriously hurt thinking cars will stop. People fly down this street instead of Broad. They just repaved the whole thing like a nice smooth race track! I do not know why no one cares to put a speed bump in.


One_Relationship_815 t1_je5yj03 wrote

The budget was 10,000$ to put these back up after the initial placement last year. These literally do nothing and have wasted 20k in our taxpayer money thusfar


Cactuscouch757 t1_je5qgfj wrote

The real answer needs to come from drivers. They should make the driving test harder each year until the driving population is reduced by 20% but this conflicts with the whole "driving is a right" crowd. Plenty of places have pedestrian safety without millions of dollars of extra pedestrian infrastructure.


penelopeiris t1_je5yfar wrote

Thank you! I understand this crosswalk is very poorly marked, but no matter how many infrastructure improvements and how much enforcement is done, people will behave how they want to behave. And sadly we live in an extremely car-centric city.

I am ready for my downvotes.


getfast37 t1_je7cuka wrote

Just passing the test isn't all it takes. You also have to actively give a shit about others you're sharing the road with every time you drive. Crazy stuff!


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_je786sn wrote

I would love to see 2/3rds of all drivers licenses revoked. Unfortunately that would strand tens of millions of people who through no choice of their own were born in a country that forces car ownership by way of providing no alternatives.


moomoomilktank t1_je925s2 wrote

One of the dumbest comments I've ever seen on this subreddit


Cactuscouch757 t1_je9hzlr wrote

Great point. How did I not consider that. Thank you for the highly intellectual rebuttal. I am going to call Ashton Kutcher and get you a mensa application.


moomoomilktank t1_je9p0qn wrote

It would only be poor people affected by what your talking about anyway. They only people who can afford to live in the city anymore need to be able to pay 700+ a month with roommates to even exist, so anyone who makes less is pushed out of the city, where access to public transportation is terrible. So yeah its a fucking awful idea. Rich people will hire driving tutors for their kids


Swrdmn t1_je58s0c wrote

Stoney as Mayor.


JosefDerArbeiter t1_je5ze4u wrote

There's one like this at Sheppard & Ellwood and also the nicer one on Park Dr. which connects Dogwood Dell parking lot to the VITA trail.

They're awkward to use because of two lane traffic (Ellwood one way and Park Dr. two way). You'll get one courteous driver in lane A who looks to be gradually slowing down to yield to you and then lane B driver appears to be going full speed and may/may not slam on their brakes. What walker wants to trust that both parties will come to a complete stop. Awkward for both drivers and walkers.


Zayzay8008 t1_je53apm wrote

The left turn only sign on E Leigh and N 10th Street


ShutterHawk t1_je5d3bi wrote

Look at what they did to my boy!


IronGiants1973 t1_je621a9 wrote

Even when you know you have the right of way to cross the street, it’s like taking your life in your hands trying to get across main street between Belvedere and Thompson. Maybe they need to paint the crosswalks in that alternating white / asphalt pattern. What about solar powered flashing signs. I’ve seen those before. Curb bump outs would be great too. In my experience drivers are far less shitty in RVA than other densely populated cities like NY, DC, Philly or Boston.


Rs90 t1_je6jchq wrote

Yeah I never rely on these for people to stop. It inevitably ends with someone in a car stopping, me shaking my head "nope", them shrugging "wtf", then driving off with people behind em pissed. I just wait til it's clear. Been doin it 32yrs and seems to work fine.


Fratghanistan t1_je6nfto wrote

Honestly my main issue with it is there is two lanes. Often if I start walking in front of that car, cars in the other lane cannot see me and I have difficult seeing them. I’d just rather cars go and I find an opening myself.


Rs90 t1_je6t8cd wrote

Which is precisely why I don't cross. Predictable traffic is safe traffic. And I predict not everyone will stop. So I play it safe lol.


Jman50k t1_je687vw wrote

To be fair it does accurately foretells the fate of most Richmond pedestrians.


thottsville t1_je6fny8 wrote

I feel kinda bad, I ran over one while chamging lanes at an odd place today. In my defense it was pummeled into a vague flattened soda cup shape from my perspective


ArgoCS t1_je6zddt wrote

Meh, I agree they aren’t all that useful in enacting change but it’s honestly a drop in the bucket of the budget to put them up and if it even gets a few people to change their behavior I’ll chalk it up as a W.

Let’s be honest the real solutions are bump outs, raised walk ways and to turn some of these 2 lane roads into a one lane road and a protected bike lane. Driving needs to be less convenient full stop.

I really hope we get there eventually but something tells me that some of the people clowning on these for being ineffective would raise an absolute hissy fit if we really start trying to change the roads.


camerachey t1_je9f835 wrote

I always stop for people at these but sometimes I think stopping is creating a bigger problem. I stop so they think it's safe to go but then cars coming the other direction don't stop and just speed through. I've seen so many people almost get hit.


tigranes5 t1_je5ajhc wrote

I've seen people actually hit the gas and speed up when they see them on Robinson St.


throwingutah t1_je5p5e7 wrote

They should install every third one with a concrete bollard. Surprise!


csteven71 t1_je5d8xe wrote

The Henrico bollard traffic circles are competing for this title.


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_je5eguv wrote

Those are more distracting than helpful.


csteven71 t1_je5fd09 wrote

I just feel drawn to them when I’m passing through.


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_je5fxu6 wrote

I first encountered one on Charles St near Horsepen. I initially thought someone just randomly threw a bunch of cones in the middle of the road.


csteven71 t1_je5g1ij wrote

Hahah. Those are the ones I’m thinking of. They make me laugh.


djeeetyet t1_je5fyhq wrote

how about cameras, should hopefully cut down on those failing to yield, not to mention they would pay for themselves


Dog_Dad_1989 OP t1_je5g9q1 wrote

Absolutely need some kind of enforcement to change behavior


momthom427 t1_je5ixcl wrote

Yes, the ones on Robinson.


skully_27 t1_je60qxt wrote

What's weird is we had them in NH for decades and I don't remember them ever getting run over nearly as often as the ones down here 😂


Pandaut t1_je6e0tr wrote

This specific one was flat within 48hrs of installation


NannyW00t t1_je7joz6 wrote

The ones on Brooklyn Park Blvd?


BJfarmer t1_jeasdy6 wrote

The one thing I have noticed is there are not yellow signs indicated crosswalks. In other urban areas you have crosswalk indicators with flashing yellow lights that are elevated for drivers to see. We just have a 2 white lines and pedestrians between 2 illegally parked cars as indication of someone crossing.


nilsrva t1_je5f3ha wrote

Painted bike lines


Cunbundle t1_je5j0o8 wrote

Has anyone seen them being installed? It seems really unsafe for a worker to be crouched down in the middle of the road bolting down a sign. Do they use shadow vehicles and stop traffic while they do it? I'm genuinely curious. In my line of work we have intense rules we have to follow to work in the road.


fusion260 t1_je6v25u wrote

Yes, they usually put their vehicle with flashing lights, cones, or flares up behind them as a buffer between them and the sign or whatever it is they're working on.


GLYCENIDE t1_je5vr6e wrote

A lawsuit might be effective for the driver who takes out pedestrian because they didn’t see the clearly visible sign.


Previous-Expert-378 t1_je6l88c wrote

The plastic poles as you get off the I-95 ramp into Shockoe Bottom. They are there to keep people from making an immediate right but enough are knocked down now they are just hazards in the road.


PuffyMcScrote t1_je6qk0a wrote

Posts about them? Kidding, OP. For real, pedestrians aren't taking their lives into their hands like in Kolkata, but it ain't far off in the Fan, nowadays.


m0grady t1_je71901 wrote

About as useless as the No chicken bone signs in parks.


ssred18 t1_je7296v wrote

Mayor Stoner


PeppyMinotaur t1_je7ixx0 wrote

I cross every street as if the cars are going to try to murder me even if there’s a cross walk


BudyWolfe t1_je89pa2 wrote

They removed them from West Marshall shortly after they put them up for the same reason. And they are repaving it again after only 2 years for some reason?


meanwhileinrice t1_je8gdqh wrote

Sorry, I swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian.


LoafRVA t1_jeapfnk wrote

Or maybe get them out of the middle of the road? I like the pedestrian crossing lights…but we had plenty of red paint for that disastrous bus line. Why not get a bunch of yellow paint?


WontArnett t1_je5rkwm wrote

Having a “conversation” with my ex-wife about her feelings.


benjamminson t1_je5s2yy wrote

Yea Its actually a lot more dangerous and causes accidents


smarshall561 t1_je5zf7m wrote

One thing it does is it stops drivers from getting enraged at pedestrians because it's kind of hard to justify your rage when there's a sign between the two of you stating what the law is.


Gorz0th t1_je66mds wrote

Just the government that thought they were a good idea.


ElectricalStable278 t1_je81itv wrote

They should put the signs on steel rods. I'd like to to see some one try to run over that.


StellarSomething t1_je5odj4 wrote

I'd put a nail strip around that sign next time


maddmoxxiie t1_je61fco wrote

Hostile pedestrianism 🤷🏻‍♀️


Squabbles1234 t1_je5yw2i wrote

Well, they are pretty effective at making people feel like they can just walk right out in front of moving traffic....every day I gotta nearly stop at a green light because some asshole is walking on a don't walk sign and doesn't give two fucks.


DamILuvFrogs t1_je6kv1e wrote

I hit a lot of them in my Jeep on the first batch they put out because I thought it was hilarious


this-ok t1_je6o76l wrote

As a public service worker, I can confirm that having to repair needless destruction is the absolute height of comedy.

Your asinine bullshit is the antithesis of community building. This isn’t your city, it’s OUR city. Quit fucking it up.


[deleted] t1_je6p4pv wrote



rva-ModTeam t1_je6ssd2 wrote

We get it, all right? Between that and your original comment above, you're very close to being shown the door here in r/rva

This content has been removed as it is considered rabble rousing, trolling, brigading, and/or inauthentic discourse. We encourage good-faith discussions from anyone, but we do not like jerks. If you're going to be the Jerk of the Year, please don't do that here.

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Can’t say you weren’t warned.

This content has been removed as it is considered rabble rousing, trolling, brigading, and/or inauthentic discourse. We encourage good-faith discussions from anyone, but we do not like jerks. If you're going to be the Jerk of the Year, please don't do that here.

Do not use alt or brand new throwaway accounts to manipulate votes, attack another user, avoid a previous ban or moderator action, or artificially-inflate comments with similar views.