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MrImBoredAgain t1_jc5ob0t wrote

Wow! I took a job there many many years ago when I was fresh out of prison and they were the only place that payed even halfway decently for a newly released felon. Was a solid stepping stone, but good grief what an awful place, even for a newly released ex-con. I had worked in the prison laundry room, and regularly cleaned inmates jumpers that were soiled from feces, blood, and even worse things. You can't imagine the smell of a suicidal inmates jumpsuits after intentional self-soiling, then being run thru a dryer 2 or 3 times after being "washed" in plain cold water. until you pull into the Tyson plant, that is lol. But the place did give me the means to have my rights restored and record expunged. I imagine those who want to could use that place to accomplish the same. Shame a place folks like me can use as a springboard is shutting down, especially in Glen allen where that demographic is woefully underrepresented as it is.


ThickumsMagoo t1_jc7zn10 wrote

Unrelated to Tyson’s but glad you were able to get back on your feet after prison! They make it way too hard to do


MrImBoredAgain t1_jc8517h wrote

It took a VERY long time and a lot of money lol. Definitely a painful process, but life is pretty good now! Thanks for the kind words!


PM-me-your-moods t1_jc76qcq wrote

What makes chicken plant smell so awful? Do they allow the refuse to sit around a while in trash cans?


Paid-Not-Payed-Bot t1_jc5obka wrote

> place that paid even halfway


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Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment.

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VCUBNFO t1_jc3wsb6 wrote

They reduced the workforce for the facility in 2008 by 180 workers.

They are opening a new facility in Pittsylvania County with 400 workers, 300 less than the current facility.


ohsweetpeaches t1_jc42mfb wrote

Interesting! I drive by it often, it smells so awful in the summer that I imagine the people living nearby will be glad for it to close. I wonder what they will do with the current factory - it didn’t say in the article.


Greenmind76 t1_jc4ccn0 wrote

Grew up in a small town that had a poultry plant and whenever I visit in the summer it’s absolutely horrible. My first job was actually working there one summer. I would take chicken pieces off the line and be covered in chicken fat, bits and pieces of chicken, and oil from the birds.

The money was really good for someone who had no degree or job experience but it inspired me to go to college.


Syrahguy t1_jc4dsdz wrote

Yeah, I can still smell that smell and I barely have to drive out that way anymore, so terrible. I do feel for the people who lost their jobs on such short notice.


Utretch t1_jc4bkb6 wrote

that probably depends on if they're dependent on a job there or not.


GMUcovidta t1_jc6pi2s wrote

People who process chicken don't typically have a bunch of extra cash to fall back on


bkemp1984Part2 t1_jcbr0g4 wrote

My middle school was 100, maybe 150 yards from a plant like this. It was rough.


bodydamage t1_jc4zzds wrote

Big oof.

At least Bear Island is spinning back up, and Lego is projecting to open their plant in Chester next year sometime, so the folks working there have some options short term and long term.

Last I checked the Lego factory is going to be hiring ~1700 employees

I’ve also been seeing a fair number of ads for jobs at Gerdau in Petersburg


VCUBNFO t1_jc548wt wrote

Do you know if the Lego plant is unionized?


bodydamage t1_jc5a1ol wrote

Unknown at this point.

It hasn’t opened yet so we’ll have to wait and see


raindeerpie t1_jc6rm13 wrote

hopefully not.


moderatehill t1_jcack3o wrote

How will the CEOs survive without their million dollar raise and country club membership?


raindeerpie t1_jcarnb4 wrote

exactly. If unions are letting that stuff happen than what are they even good for?


moderatehill t1_jcb22u0 wrote

>exactly. If unions CEOs are letting that stuff happen than what are they even good for?



raindeerpie t1_jcbcb23 wrote

exactly! They are both the same. glad we are on the same page brother. lets fight against unions and corrupt corporations together!


moderatehill t1_jcbogj0 wrote

We aren't doing so well brother, union membership was at a 20 year high last year but billionaires lost 147 billion so we at least got that going for us


Sage_Advice420 t1_jc76nmg wrote

Fuck is wrong with you


VCUBNFO t1_jc7739e wrote

Probably does't want it to up in move in 20 years.

I'm sure Lego picked VA for manufacturing specifically because they don't want a union.


raindeerpie t1_jc78r9e wrote

VA is not a big union state. that was definitely considered when LEGO chose VA to build their plant. I'd like this plant to actually stick around for a while and have good non union jobs.


Colt1911-45 t1_jc7oncl wrote

Bear Island opens and then closes repeatedly. I would not want to get a job there and then get laid off after a year or two unless it was absolutely necessary.


bodydamage t1_jc8lpey wrote

That’s not entirely true, it’s not telling the whole story.

Bear Island was previously owned by White Birch and made newsprint. In 2017 they idled the plant and put it up for sale, Cascades came into the picture as a prospective buyer and wanted to see the plant run, so White Birch started the plant back up temporarily so Cascades could see it run. Cascades purchased Bear Island and is in the final stages of converting the plant to make linerboard(the stuff cardboard boxes are made out of) along with being a 100% recycled fiber process.

They’ve got something north of $400 MILLION tied up in the conversion in addition to the $37 million they paid for the plant. Between their investment and demand for linerboard I’d be shocked if they idled the plant.

Source: I know multiple people who work at Bear Island currently under Cascades ownership and I know several people who previously worked there under White Birch ownership.


Colt1911-45 t1_jca65it wrote

Thanks for giving me more insight. I work for a company that was a vendor there and we have been burned by them a few times. It just didn't seem like a very stable place to work, but like you said that's quite an investment so hopefully it proves to be a good place to work.


bodydamage t1_jca72db wrote

It’s also a completely different company now, that’s as big of a deal as the investment, possibly even more so.


Myfourcats1 t1_jc65a1j wrote

I just found out this morning. I work as an inspector here. They haven’t actually told us. We heard it from the plant employees. Time to polish that resume.


Colt1911-45 t1_jc7qvzy wrote

Good luck. I hope you find an even better opportunity than you had before.


[deleted] t1_jc4q7pd wrote

The article is paywalled, I think. Does it say why they are closing that plant? I actually recently started driving by that plant pretty frequently.


Colt1911-45 t1_jc7pi3t wrote

My guess would be that it is old and out of date. Probably labor costs are higher in Hanover now than they were 20 years ago so it is not cost effective for them to rebuild in the same area. Also as mentioned by another redditor Tyson stated that other locations were not running at capacity.


Cdogghaze t1_jc71dod wrote

Did some research not long ago and found that almost all of the sex offenders in my area worked there. Wonder where they’ll go now


resident16 t1_jc7tjhh wrote

This is where a lot of sex offenders in the area work at. Wonder where they’ll go to now.


FattieBanton t1_jc6fa2g wrote

That part of town is still glen Allen? Or are there two such facilities in this area. Used to drive by it on the way to Poor Farm Park in Hanover County


MuadDave t1_jc6w4jn wrote

Yep - I live in the area just north of the plant and my zip code is 23059, Glen Allen.


FattieBanton t1_jc73wqu wrote

I knew GA was big when I ordered Best Buy in store pickup thinking I’d get it in Short Pump, only to be told my item was at Brook Road Best Buy


Colt1911-45 t1_jc7qp1v wrote

I have 2 separate questions or issues with this

  1. How are poultry companies posting record profits during Covid amid shortages, inflated prices, etc? I would rather this be investigated by Congress than whether Biden's son had so and so on his laptop, or Trump tweeted such and such 2 years ago. Makes me wonder what is really going on when we are arguing over petty political bs.
  2. Is this closure going to affect local poultry producers? I know there are a ton of chicken farms in Amelia County. I wonder if this will raise their costs getting their birds to market.

MuadDave t1_jc6vwcc wrote

Oh boy - here comes more development to what used to be quiet, rural Elmont. It's bad enough we're fighting a 160+ house development on about 150 acres right on Winns Church Rd. It's also disturbing that the land owned by Manuel Loupassi at the intersection of Greenwood and Winns has recently been logged. That can be a prelude to development.

I guess the county wants a return on it's $20 million (ill-advised, expensive, unwanted) water and sewer lines they forced thru years ago.


Ms-Pamplemousse t1_jc4w3yu wrote

People in Glen Allen must be making too much money to be worth the convenience at this point.