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ohsweetpeaches t1_jc42mfb wrote

Interesting! I drive by it often, it smells so awful in the summer that I imagine the people living nearby will be glad for it to close. I wonder what they will do with the current factory - it didn’t say in the article.


Greenmind76 t1_jc4ccn0 wrote

Grew up in a small town that had a poultry plant and whenever I visit in the summer it’s absolutely horrible. My first job was actually working there one summer. I would take chicken pieces off the line and be covered in chicken fat, bits and pieces of chicken, and oil from the birds.

The money was really good for someone who had no degree or job experience but it inspired me to go to college.


Syrahguy t1_jc4dsdz wrote

Yeah, I can still smell that smell and I barely have to drive out that way anymore, so terrible. I do feel for the people who lost their jobs on such short notice.


Utretch t1_jc4bkb6 wrote

that probably depends on if they're dependent on a job there or not.


GMUcovidta t1_jc6pi2s wrote

People who process chicken don't typically have a bunch of extra cash to fall back on


bkemp1984Part2 t1_jcbr0g4 wrote

My middle school was 100, maybe 150 yards from a plant like this. It was rough.