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Im writing this as my all nighter of studying and writing comes to a close. I can’t wait for this semester to finally end to go on a vacation. Or for this day to end so I can finally get some rest.

What are you all looking forward to today? Is it going to be busy or is it going to be slow? Get good rest recently?




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maddmoxxiie t1_jcxv9os wrote

Well I was going to be productive today, but it was only 26° outside when I woke up and consequently, 61° in my apartment. I have no choice but to hibernate under flannel sheets until spring.


Jon_hamm_wallet t1_jcy0v54 wrote

Got a new kitty thanks to u/lezbeannnnn. So far, Coach Taylor is pretty skittish but he's already snuggled with me and my husband so I think we've got a bright future ahead of us.

I'm a week out from being 5 months sober and I don't have random compulsions to drink, but some drinks have been looking really good lately. We went to Midlothian Chefs Kitchen for dinner last night (absolutely amazing, btw) and my husband's dirty martini was seriously calling to me.


stickynohte t1_jcy34it wrote

Still mad at myself for having a little too much fun on Saturday and spending my Sunday hungover watching basketball.

Do you ever catch your pet watching you leave for work in the morning? I always try not to look but my cat had this look of “don’t leave me” and it broke my heart.


coconut_sorbet t1_jcy9k9p wrote

> Do you ever catch your pet watching you leave for work in the morning? I always try not to look but my cat had this look of “don’t leave me” and it broke my heart.

One of my cats has absolutely mastered the sad kitty eyes every time I so much as try to leave the room she's in. I'm a complete sucker for it.


I_Got_A_Truck t1_jcz0or1 wrote

It is the saddest thing ever. My dog is just the right height to jump up and see out the front door, and he watches me all the way to my car.


PercyDovetonsils t1_jd0w29t wrote

Every time my wife and I leave the house, our dog does this weird, ascending howl that's almost a scream. We can hear him as we're backing the car out of the garage. It breaks our hearts, so it's good we don't go out that often.


__looking_for_things t1_jcxsk04 wrote

House shopping so my entire day will be dedicated to obsessively checking redfin for more properties to be put on the market. 😩😩😩


Ms-Pamplemousse t1_jcy63wd wrote

If you're not yet, start working with a realtor so you can get access to the pre-listings. If you're looking for a needle in the haystack and not finding it, folks may be beating you to it because they see it a week before it comes on the market.


SimpleEnough7756 t1_jcyb1ky wrote

As a Redfin employee I'd be remiss if I didn't mention we have real estate agents too! They can help you with access to pre-listings and whatnot. Helps fund the continued development of the app/website.


throwawayrva83 t1_jcyv6x3 wrote

How’s the Redfin associate scene here? Decent pay? Enough showings to make a living?


xCatChan t1_jcy1kj0 wrote

Name checks out! Good luck on your search!


ZeroDayRVA99 t1_jcyrlul wrote

Gah…I feel you! House shopping too - it’s tough out there!


lycosid t1_jcxslgf wrote

Trying to get out to the mountains this week but I’m feeling a bit under the weather rn. I think the baby might have transmitted one of his ancient baby viruses to me.


BookDingo t1_jcxw2x3 wrote

Today I'm teleworking and I'm glad of it, because I played Just Dance for the first time over the weekend and now I'm limping around the house. This is the first time this has happened to me, so naturally I'm in a panic over what I could've done to my leg. My guess is overuse after a lot of underuse?


GrayRVA t1_jcxv5sr wrote

The last all-nighter I pulled was in my first year as an attorney when a partner dumped a horrendous brief on me. The most satisfying part of my research was on how to use a wood chipper.


DustySleeve t1_jcy1vbh wrote

oh no did someone get bit by a chipper and yall had to determine who was at fault?


GrayRVA t1_jcy5dr9 wrote

Bit by a chipper, caressed with a sledgehammer, ya know, the usual liability questions.


Charlesinrichmond t1_jcy86vm wrote

I've always found putting the wood in the chipper and keeping myself out of it to be a good approach.


fusion260 t1_jcxu2kz wrote

Our new puppy that we brought home Saturday morning started coming down with kennel cough (or something like it) Saturday night.

Last night and early morning was lots of coughing followed by lots of running in the back yard this morning. Gonna have to take her to the vet at some point to get checked out and probably get some meds.

I was hoping we could make it at least a few months without having to figure out if she likes pockets, cheese, or rolled up sliced turkey breast. 🙃

Update: Puppy’s first vet appointment went well. I’m happily surprised at how calm she was there and she played with her toy while there was another dog on the other side of the door barking the whole time. On antibiotics for 10 days to get rid of the kennel cough.


ChuckBS t1_jcxq3dk wrote

We’ll, it’s Monday and that means I have plans on what I want to get done at work and all of those things are going to get preempted almost immediately, lol. Still, it’s a pretty morning and things are ok at the moment.


Vajama77 t1_jcy9nir wrote

I had the house to myself this weekend and it was glorious. I wish my partner would go out of town more often.


schmoopie76 t1_jcy6qmw wrote

So tired from celebrating with my niece for her 21st. 2:30am is not a normal time for me to go to bed, about 4 hours too late. My body is paying for it.


popeboyQ t1_jcxvr4c wrote

Just another day at work, but tomorrow is my Friday!


popsrcr t1_jcy01ob wrote

Just another Monday here. Trying to catch up after some PTO.


PhoenixAshies t1_jcy49zf wrote

Trying to work on a few projects that several attorneys have sent me this morning. But the stripey furry coworker (who started wailing at 630am for breakfast) has other ideas - she's parked herself directly in front of my laptop and is refusing to move. Mondays.


Captian420 t1_jcy67mx wrote

Driving back from NY. Gonna be fun.


Charlesinrichmond t1_jcy7zd0 wrote

all nighter already in March, that's impressive. More of an end of the semester thing for me.


_uneven_stevens_ t1_jcyxkjs wrote

Anyone have suggestions for jobs in Richmond and surround areas?

I have been at my current job for almost 10 years and I burnt out as fuck. I'm thinking of changing careers entirely, but haven't found anything enticing yet.

On paper I make over 62K annually but after taxes and our stupidly expensive health insurance I bring home about half that. I'm looking for something that would let me take home at least 3K per month after taxes and benefits.

I am open to blue collar trades, but not interested in food service.

Any ideas? And yes, I am already watching the LEGO openings like a hawk and have applied for 2 of the currently open positions.


stickynohte t1_jcz050d wrote

Send me a message - depending on your experience, I might have a few ideas of places hiring.


Lady-Meows-a-Lot t1_jczsxuj wrote

Also sleep-deprived. I was up til 2am doing work at my computer. Ugh.

Yesterday I learned that my sick Nana is close to dying so I’m racing to Jersey to hopefully see her before she goes. To help Nana hang on until I get there, I have dangled the promise of a Bob Ross-related surprise for her. 😆 When she was raising four kids with my obstinate PopPop, she sometimes needed a space to go and be alone. So she'd go into their basement and paint with Bob and was so comforted by his soft hair. 😂😭 The surprise? Temporary tattoos of his face in various artistic forms.


[deleted] t1_jcxynqo wrote



Ms-Pamplemousse t1_jcy6ot1 wrote

Perhaps the fence post was put in after the utility? At the risk of sounding naggish, getting utilities marked is cheap and usually pretty fast. I've had them done twice, once for a very simple gardening project and once for a not simple utility issue. Both happened within a day.


Kelevracado4287 t1_jcy2br5 wrote

Paperwork and later Muay thai that’s about it


_R_A_ t1_jczxy8i wrote

Three college degrees does not come close to the impact my seven month old is having on my sleep deprivation....