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_uneven_stevens_ t1_jcyxkjs wrote

Anyone have suggestions for jobs in Richmond and surround areas?

I have been at my current job for almost 10 years and I burnt out as fuck. I'm thinking of changing careers entirely, but haven't found anything enticing yet.

On paper I make over 62K annually but after taxes and our stupidly expensive health insurance I bring home about half that. I'm looking for something that would let me take home at least 3K per month after taxes and benefits.

I am open to blue collar trades, but not interested in food service.

Any ideas? And yes, I am already watching the LEGO openings like a hawk and have applied for 2 of the currently open positions.


stickynohte t1_jcz050d wrote

Send me a message - depending on your experience, I might have a few ideas of places hiring.