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TheLuteceSibling t1_isqaab8 wrote

Yeah… because 11 murders is way different from 1 mass murder or 1 serial killer with 11 victims. The former is 11 points of failure that each produce 1 death. The latter is ONE point of failure that results in 11 deaths.

Assuming its similarly difficult to locate a pre-murderer and a pre-mass-murderer, our money is far better spent addressing pre-mass-murderers.


Greenmind76 t1_isrljhx wrote

Like that guy that supposedly killed a bunch of black girls in Kansas City? Not sure what the details are or how accurate the news wash about it but… yeah.


10000Didgeridoos t1_ist2k70 wrote

How is a serial killer a "point of failure"? That's not the correct phrase for describing that.