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againer t1_iuhhhk2 wrote

Which Julep's location? The old one in the Bottom or main street?

Also, let's see the deets about the Highlands Springs werewolf.


RVAblues t1_iuitozv wrote

The one in the Bottom. It’s Richmond’s oldest surviving commercial building.


CultivatingBitchery t1_iuj2ke5 wrote

Highland Springs werewolf**


againer t1_iujalir wrote

Sorry. Been kind of obsessed with vampires since I've been watching Interview with a Vampire.

This is the first time I've heard of that rumor. I grew up just outside of the Springs.

The closest haunted tales near me were the Shirley plantation stories, the West point light, and the Barhamsville House of Pain.


CultivatingBitchery t1_iujayyv wrote

Okay fully understandable. But also… know of any places I can… sneaky link IWAV because I don’t have that streaming service and I ADORED the books.

Most of the sighting were way ago in the late 1800-early 1900s from what I know personally (my job is to legit find urban legends and mythological creatures stories) I suggest looking the HS Wolf up, you’ll find some crude sketches and such