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neatlair t1_iu3rh26 wrote

What a bunch of softies in charge over there. This made my eyes roll hard.


10000Didgeridoos t1_iu3z55i wrote


And I'm sorry, but with as much respect to the deceased as possible, a VCU themed lager has exactly zero connection with a fraternity force feeding liquor in an act of hazing.

Simply having a beer with a university logo on it is not encouraging binge drinking or forcing anyone to drink themselves to death. I don't think Virginia Tech saw an increase in student hospitalizations from chugging cases of Hokie Lager.

The presence of a VCU labeled lager isn't going to increase student drinking. It's college. They are going to drink the cheapest beer in large quantities either way. Given the increased price of a microbrewed VCU lager over cheaper mass market options like Natty Light, Bud Light, etc., I find it hard to believe this would even sell in large amounts in the first place. Students aren't gonna regularly pay $1+ per beer bottle or can just because it has a black and gold typeface and the ram on it.