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Glen_YngkinDid_9-11 t1_iuaa35c wrote

People aren’t as racist as they used to be (white flight) and the economy hasn’t been gutted like it was from the 70’s to NAFTA.

If you really want affordable housing to come back via socioeconomic trends (lol @ the government doing anything like the new deal), root for the collapse of Tesla, Amazon, and (especially for Virginia) military firms like Raytheon. Hopefully you keep your job, but that’s the Coors Light©️ Cold Hard Facts


plummbob t1_iud1ugu wrote

We could just legalize more housing. The primary constraint on construction is zoning.


Ditovontease t1_iuabth4 wrote

meh the federal government is going to have to collapse since we have wfm now.


Glen_YngkinDid_9-11 t1_iuazs7n wrote

Oh I think the real estate “class” is going to make people go back to the office lol, but the government will probably just stop functioning anyways, it’ll just be the military/intelligence apparatus/LEO lmao