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dudewhoisbrowsing t1_itggk71 wrote

About to go grocery shopping at new grand mart. And do meal prep cooking for the week.


Mmeeggggss t1_ithgcfy wrote

New to the area and to New Grand Mart- do they have British foods?


dudewhoisbrowsing t1_ithhavd wrote

Not that I have really seen. They specialize in all things asian. So you have Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, etc. The one I go to on Midlothian Turnpike has maybe one aisle that has stuff you would find in a normal American Grocery store, and stuff found in Latin America.

As for a store that has British fare, you might want to try Europa Food Market at 5243 W. Broad Street. I don't know what all is in there as I haven't been there myself. But it seems like a good starting point.


Mmeeggggss t1_ithhrtt wrote

Ooh ok thank you! I appreciate the info!


dudewhoisbrowsing t1_ithj8xp wrote

Also, welcome to Richmond!


Mmeeggggss t1_ithmpv7 wrote

Thanks! Your other comment made me think of my Polish grandmother who used to make pierogis from scratch on holidays. So freaking good. Maybe I need to replicate those!


dudewhoisbrowsing t1_ithn588 wrote

If you replicate those, I would be more than willing to trade you some of my home made dishes for home made pierogis! I am really good in Italian, Cajun, Irish, and improvised asian dishes!


Mmeeggggss t1_ithp0t4 wrote

I’ll let you know if I can find the recipe. Just checked w my brother and he said he doesn’t have it, so the hunt continues. If I make them anyway I’ll let you know!


dudewhoisbrowsing t1_ithi7pz wrote

Not a problem! Now I kind of want to hit up Europa to see if they have some good Polish Keilbasa and Pierogies.


fr0bert t1_ithngi5 wrote

There's some Caribbean stuff in New Grand, which has some crossover with British stuff but not a lot. If youre looking for British staples it's hard around here, Publix has a section but you will absolutely balk at the prices. I'm going home on weds for a few days and intend to fill my suitcase with a load of tea bags and uk/ireland treats on the way back 😁


Mmeeggggss t1_ithpt1r wrote

The Publix prices are so awful right?! Like who pays $7.99 for marmite when you can get it for £2?! Or like $5.99 for HP sauce?! I’ve been stockpiling Bisto and Paxo prepping for the holidays. Thanks for the commiseration! We aren’t going back until next May so Publix, Amazon, and Word Market will have to do. Have a great trip home!


fr0bert t1_itigt3x wrote

I'll admit I did cave in a moment of weakness and pay for Weetabix and brown sauce in Publix lol


Mmeeggggss t1_itipxyf wrote

No shame in that! We totally bought brown sauce and a decent Colmans-wanna-be mustard as well as a few other things. Husband would die without brown and red sauces. Shame we don’t get Branstons at ours because we would probably overpay for that too!


PerlinLioness t1_itk7fmt wrote

They have a small section for British candy. What sorts of things are you looking for? World Market has some good stuff.


Mmeeggggss t1_itlf3ca wrote

Hey there. I can’t find Branstons at my Publix but haven’t checked WM yet and I can’t find Paxo anywhere other than Amazon. I definitely need to hit up WM (if for nothing else, Colmans).


PerlinLioness t1_itlfvso wrote

Ask a store manager at Publix about the specific product. Sometimes they’ll order it for you if they don’t have it at your store. We’ve done this for a couple things in the past—especially British stuff. Haven’t seen Paxo though.


CapeCod_Boats t1_itgprut wrote

What are some of the things you like to get there? For me it’s Norwegian mackerel and pearl River bridge soy sauce.


geneb0322 t1_itgw54o wrote

Have you tried San J soy sauce? I never really noticed a difference in soy sauces until I tried that brand... It's the only one I use any more. Bonus, it is made in Henrico so it is actually local.


InterstateExit t1_ith3phz wrote

San-J sauces are top-notch. I use their Tamari for everything Asian I make. I also really like their Szechuan sauce and teriyaki sauces.


geneb0322 t1_ith971y wrote

I didn't know they had a Szechuan sauce... I'll need to look for that next time I am at new grand mart. Thanks for turning me on to that.

I never knew soy sauce could be anything more than salty water until I tried San J. Their's is just orders of magnitude better than anything else I have ever tried. I'd love to try anything else they make.


InterstateExit t1_ithfujx wrote

Yeah, I hope you enjoy it! It’s very spicy, so I use it in small amounts but it’s delicious. Happy to see another San-J fan! I’ve seen them in the Kroger stores as well.


dudewhoisbrowsing t1_itgqd12 wrote

I get all sorts of things there. I like getting all the varieties of the Samyang spicy chicken ramen. Japanese curry cubes. Various types of chilis. Fish sauce. Oyster sauce. Gochujang. Gochogaru. Seasoning packets for making pho. I also love going there as it is one of the easiest places to get beef bones to roast to make beef broth. I also get my soy sauces both normal, dark, and light varieties there. Oh yeah, and rice paper for homemade fresh rolls.


LionOver t1_ith0252 wrote

Kimchi selection is very hit or miss and the offerings seem to change constantly. Feel like I'm always just rolling the dice when I buy it there.


CapeCod_Boats t1_itij34k wrote

Any brands you would recommend to try or avoid? Never had kimchi and was planning on picking some up next time I go.


LionOver t1_itijyoz wrote

Um, I would say do not get vegan kimchi. It is not even close to being as good. It's also an acquired taste. If you like sauerkraut, you probably will like kimchi. Otherwise it helps to heat it up by searing it in a stirfry or something like that. Radish kimchi can be really good, but napa cabbage is where it's at.

Along that line, there's a kimchi shortage in South Korea currently, and I think that's impacting the quality of what gets exported.