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geneb0322 t1_itgw54o wrote

Have you tried San J soy sauce? I never really noticed a difference in soy sauces until I tried that brand... It's the only one I use any more. Bonus, it is made in Henrico so it is actually local.


InterstateExit t1_ith3phz wrote

San-J sauces are top-notch. I use their Tamari for everything Asian I make. I also really like their Szechuan sauce and teriyaki sauces.


geneb0322 t1_ith971y wrote

I didn't know they had a Szechuan sauce... I'll need to look for that next time I am at new grand mart. Thanks for turning me on to that.

I never knew soy sauce could be anything more than salty water until I tried San J. Their's is just orders of magnitude better than anything else I have ever tried. I'd love to try anything else they make.


InterstateExit t1_ithfujx wrote

Yeah, I hope you enjoy it! It’s very spicy, so I use it in small amounts but it’s delicious. Happy to see another San-J fan! I’ve seen them in the Kroger stores as well.