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docskreba t1_itgydz4 wrote

I’m at Busch Gardens for Howl-O-Scream. This is probably the last year I get a season pass here. It’s just not worth the cost with so much of the park closed on a regular basis.

Also they’re not even attempting to hide the fact they aren’t trying for Halloween anymore. Literally employees setting up Christmas trees and lights this morning…

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GaimanitePkat t1_ithu76s wrote

We were considering going next weekend with my parents. Thanks for the heads-up!


RVAforthewin t1_iti4sww wrote

We made the switch to kings dominion a couple of summers ago and haven’t looked back. We live in Chesterfield so we can get to KD in under an hour whereas BG is closer to 90 min. Additionally, there are more “big” rides at KD for the kids (almost 10 and 12). I do admit BG is cleaner, has better food, and is just…nicer. The crowd at KD can get a bit rough at times. Still, if we’re there for the rides, which we are, then KD is just better for us.