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dudewhoisbrowsing t1_ithhavd wrote

Not that I have really seen. They specialize in all things asian. So you have Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, etc. The one I go to on Midlothian Turnpike has maybe one aisle that has stuff you would find in a normal American Grocery store, and stuff found in Latin America.

As for a store that has British fare, you might want to try Europa Food Market at 5243 W. Broad Street. I don't know what all is in there as I haven't been there myself. But it seems like a good starting point.


Mmeeggggss t1_ithhrtt wrote

Ooh ok thank you! I appreciate the info!


dudewhoisbrowsing t1_ithj8xp wrote

Also, welcome to Richmond!


Mmeeggggss t1_ithmpv7 wrote

Thanks! Your other comment made me think of my Polish grandmother who used to make pierogis from scratch on holidays. So freaking good. Maybe I need to replicate those!


dudewhoisbrowsing t1_ithn588 wrote

If you replicate those, I would be more than willing to trade you some of my home made dishes for home made pierogis! I am really good in Italian, Cajun, Irish, and improvised asian dishes!


Mmeeggggss t1_ithp0t4 wrote

I’ll let you know if I can find the recipe. Just checked w my brother and he said he doesn’t have it, so the hunt continues. If I make them anyway I’ll let you know!


dudewhoisbrowsing t1_ithi7pz wrote

Not a problem! Now I kind of want to hit up Europa to see if they have some good Polish Keilbasa and Pierogies.