Submitted by TriTheTree t3_yfwbf9 in rva

Hot take: button mushrooms are bottom tier mushrooms with little to no flavor. I want some MEATY oysters, or some nice morels to toss in a pan with butter. I know New Grande sells mushrooms but are there any local growers/sellers at farmer's markets?



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Thegreatgato t1_iu5kwxm wrote

The RVA BIG Market on Saturdays at Bryan Park definitely has local mushroom vendors.


PuffyMcScrote t1_iu5mg0m wrote

Your mom wants meaty oysters. I'm sorry.


trashcanmary t1_iu5r4kq wrote

Whole Foods has varieties of oyster mushrooms, lion's mane, royal trumpet, and sometimes others - obviously not local, but quick and accessible if you don't mind spending the money. I feel like I've heard about Steve Haas being at local markets sometimes too. Steve posts on his instagram (@haashrooms) whenever they're at markets.


RulerOfTheRest t1_iu5rdw2 wrote

Personally, I like button mushrooms. Sometimes I'll get a container of 'em, wash 'em off, and then snack on 'em raw. They have a nice, light flavor. But yea, once you start mixing 'em with stuff, their flavor is overshadowed. Oysters and morels do sound nice right about now though ;)


thehedgebitch t1_iu5rn1i wrote

Birdhouse farmers market in Randolph on Tues has Rappahanock River Mushroom vendor. So flipping tasty. Bought some wonderful chestnut & lions mane. You can even order ahead at Birdhouse’s website, which is great because they do sell out of mushrooms frequently.


PhoenixAshies t1_iu6j1dl wrote

The name escapes me at the moment, but there's a mushroom booth at South of the James most Sundays. They sell growing kits as well!


mustardmayo320 t1_iu6l8cu wrote

The Carytown Farmers Market on Sundays has a vendor called Rappahannock River Mushrooms.


fourierformed t1_iu7axse wrote

I’ve never bought from them, but the Sunday forest hill park market has a mushroom vendor.