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myelin_3 t1_itwu6ge wrote

good try, cop


AAAPosts OP t1_itx16a8 wrote

Lulz - I’m like 10 years deep undercover if that’s the case


gregginrva t1_itwoivz wrote

It's nicely done but unless the tagger owns the property it's vandalism and needs to be removed.


AAAPosts OP t1_itwq1hg wrote

Seems pretty on par for the “artsy” side of Richmond


skeevy-stevie t1_itwttka wrote

Did they do that to someone’s house?


geneb0322 t1_itwwku1 wrote

Looks like it is the little building right next to 811 Bowe St.


KDRadio1 t1_itx34i1 wrote

Where’s your house?

….I’ve got some art you can dig.


LostDefectivePearl t1_ity43fm wrote

You could literally just say “I really want to appreciate the artistry here but it’s hard when it’s on my garage.”

Time to get some security lights at a minimum.


AAAPosts OP t1_itz3psm wrote

I don’t care about that at all


LostDefectivePearl t1_itz5qdh wrote

You are obviously trying to figure out who this person is to punish them. So you’re a cop or a homeowner.


AAAPosts OP t1_itzvc5c wrote

Why would I punish them? You’re a sad misguided soul


LostDefectivePearl t1_iu0n7j8 wrote

Haha! Right. You’re the one trying to ID a tagger.


AAAPosts OP t1_iu0qcqc wrote

How else do you know when you see their work other places? Did your parents have any children that lived??


LostDefectivePearl t1_iu0u3iq wrote

What a weird, fucked up question regarding dead children.

If you actually wanted to see this persons other work you would have asked that. You asked for their identity.


AAAPosts OP t1_iu0wkhp wrote

So I can see their work you fucking loaf


LostDefectivePearl t1_iu0y8wy wrote

I am having a hard time understanding how you don’t see the difference between those two questions:

“Does anyone know where I can see more of this tagger’s work?” (Interested citizen)


“Anyone know who’s tag this is?” (COP)


AAAPosts OP t1_iu0zfn1 wrote

That’s because you aren’t intelligent (but I won’t tell anyone don’t worry)


LostDefectivePearl t1_iu0zrlp wrote

Note that you are trying so hard to personally insult me, just makes you look more like a cop.


AAAPosts OP t1_iu0zz27 wrote

Lady it ain’t that hard lol - delete your comment history too btw


LostDefectivePearl t1_iu11ce5 wrote

Then what would there be for people like yourself to sift through looking for things to insult me about?