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lazerlass t1_iu9dol5 wrote

Our whole clinic has been getting sick from this wave.


Whitney_Ashley t1_iu9mnu5 wrote

This is what I mean. You all have to work and you see well and sick kids. If I take my well baby for his routine visit and am seen by a provider that maybe has nothing more than minor cold symptoms and they don't realize they have RSV...they can give my healthy baby the doctor's office...


lazerlass t1_iuaq5hd wrote

Televisit is your best option. Our providers are continuing to mask and wash like during the pandemic because of this.


Whitney_Ashley t1_iuaqmar wrote

He can't get his scheduled vaccines through televisit. My son is healthy. He does have an appointment in December though for a well baby visit.


lazerlass t1_iuarhjj wrote

Oh good. I am sure your provider is great and careful. If you have people in the waiting room sniffling, ask the desk to call you when they can bring you and your son into the room.


Whitney_Ashley t1_iuas2d7 wrote

They already have parking lot check in and only come in when called. The problem is that the providers are the same and they rotate through their offices. So, even if they segregated the offices of sick and well visits; the providers rotate. If a provider gets sick with RSV while at sick clinic and following day goes to well clinic....they have just potentially infected all the patients at the well clinic.