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sirensinger17 t1_iu9of7k wrote

I'm an RN and stuff like this is why you could never pay me enough to work for HCA. That and they tend to force their nurses into bad work situations


wagonboss t1_iuaqeua wrote

I’m not a nurse. But, I work with them daily. All of the nurses that work at Bon Secours say that.

Hilariously, all of the nurses at HCA say the exact opposite. I’ve personally determined it sucks everywhere. Like education


sirensinger17 t1_iubnzh1 wrote

I don't work at either of those places. Where I am is short staffed too, but the administration at least admits we're short and tries to keep us fully staffed. Also, Bon Secours isn't what it used to be. They used to be fantastic hospitals, but that changed when Mercy bought them out