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fractalflatulence t1_iudak0f wrote

No, it's really not "bonkers" how we arrived here....

Personally, I'd rather go to HCA or Bons Secours than the VA in Southside, HBU? Even in places regularly thought of as having progressive healthcare systems (europe, mainly) not all hospitals are public entities... in England where the system is socialized, yes... in Germany and France where the system is universally guaranteed by the government the healthcare is administered privately.

And now practically the only people investing in healthcare, specifically in geographies most underserved, are private religious providers (also not new vs early 20th century)

edit to add: did you send me a 'reddit cares' suicide risk alert? yikes


tcamp3000 t1_iugax4d wrote

Just read your comment and I don't even know what that is, so no