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upearlyRVA t1_iu97v2d wrote

No touching or kissing babies people!!!


wagonboss t1_iu98og0 wrote

Thanks HCA, for closing Henrico Doctors pediatric units to save $$$


Whitney_Ashley t1_iu9bbfl wrote

So scared my baby will get it. I am even nervous to be going to pediatrician for routine visits when it's time due to possibility of doctor's office staff spreading it to my baby (yes, my baby is up to date on everything, but he will have future visits for well baby check ups) due to them seeing both well and sick kids.


Whitney_Ashley t1_iu9mnu5 wrote

This is what I mean. You all have to work and you see well and sick kids. If I take my well baby for his routine visit and am seen by a provider that maybe has nothing more than minor cold symptoms and they don't realize they have RSV...they can give my healthy baby the doctor's office...


gracetw22 t1_iua6iyi wrote

I have a hard time hating on that if they were short beds elsewhere given the St Marys pediatric service is significantly better and 5 min up the road. Sadly all healthcare companies are working off the bottom line but I think it's reasonable to have staff and space for where there is need.


wagonboss t1_iuaoedo wrote

It was partially because of the networks dedication to Chippenham. Which HDH far exceeds in performance.

I will say, Pediatrics is about all St Mary’s is good for anymore. Especially in the emergency setting. But having more beds, especially with a growing area and now defined need has no negatives.


kaisermilo t1_iuapd0b wrote

Damn, we still have pediatric hospital beds? What a relief. We've been out of adult hospital beds for, like, two years.


wagonboss t1_iuaqeua wrote

I’m not a nurse. But, I work with them daily. All of the nurses that work at Bon Secours say that.

Hilariously, all of the nurses at HCA say the exact opposite. I’ve personally determined it sucks everywhere. Like education


lazerlass t1_iuarhjj wrote

Oh good. I am sure your provider is great and careful. If you have people in the waiting room sniffling, ask the desk to call you when they can bring you and your son into the room.


Whitney_Ashley t1_iuas2d7 wrote

They already have parking lot check in and only come in when called. The problem is that the providers are the same and they rotate through their offices. So, even if they segregated the offices of sick and well visits; the providers rotate. If a provider gets sick with RSV while at sick clinic and following day goes to well clinic....they have just potentially infected all the patients at the well clinic.


sirensinger17 t1_iubnzh1 wrote

I don't work at either of those places. Where I am is short staffed too, but the administration at least admits we're short and tries to keep us fully staffed. Also, Bon Secours isn't what it used to be. They used to be fantastic hospitals, but that changed when Mercy bought them out


tcamp3000 t1_iubsnr1 wrote

Just bonkers we're all living in a society where hospitals are owned by private entities


OMGEntitlement t1_iucy863 wrote



fractalflatulence t1_iudak0f wrote

No, it's really not "bonkers" how we arrived here....

Personally, I'd rather go to HCA or Bons Secours than the VA in Southside, HBU? Even in places regularly thought of as having progressive healthcare systems (europe, mainly) not all hospitals are public entities... in England where the system is socialized, yes... in Germany and France where the system is universally guaranteed by the government the healthcare is administered privately.

And now practically the only people investing in healthcare, specifically in geographies most underserved, are private religious providers (also not new vs early 20th century)

edit to add: did you send me a 'reddit cares' suicide risk alert? yikes


7th-cup-of-coffee t1_iudrbec wrote

Thanks HCA, for making plans to permanently close the NICU at Chippenham in a few days. If you’re pregnant or have a newborn, don’t bother going to Chippenham.

Their plan is to send your newborn in an ambulance to Johnston Willis if they require intensive care. Also, they will charge you for that ambulance ride. Also, Chippenham is getting rid of many of their staff that handle intubated newborns, so the ambulance ride to Johnston Willis is assuming that your infant makes it that far. (But you will be charged for the ambulance ride even if your newborn doesn’t survive.) Shout out to HCA for prioritizing profits over lives.


wagonboss t1_iudxmml wrote

Wow, I remember when they closed those services at Forest, the popular belief was because of them at the CJW facility. Unfortunately, Bon Secours does those kind of things just as sketchy.

If someone with stroke symptoms is brought to Memorial Regional, the neurologist is via camera through the ED. Meanwhile, either their critical care or AMR is notified.

If the neurologist decides to not have it shipped out, AMR is still compensated by the network. But I’ve heard of patients getting those bills recently. Healthcare sucks


Whitney_Ashley t1_iuf2txw wrote

They essentially moved the NICU to JW from Chippenham. It's literally a few miles down the road. They are sister hospitals. Just deliver at JW and you won't have a problem if your newborn needs NICU and you don't want the ambulance ride. If newborn is discharged and is re-admitted, they would go to Chippenham to PICU/peds anyway.