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Horror-Fisherman-575 t1_itz8gx8 wrote

Yesterday, I lost my job. I am doing ok, but it does feel weird. It makes me feel like I don’t deserve to be happy.

A long time ago, I got semi-involved with a voodoo doctor, and changed my mind about the whole thing… . And he cursed me that someday my life would fall apart. I’ve never forgotten that. Some days I really believe that curse was real.


GrayRVA t1_itzabjh wrote

>It makes me feel like I don’t deserve to be happy

Are you going to punch that asshole inner dialogue in the mouth or do you need me to do it for you?


Horror-Fisherman-575 t1_itzb4ku wrote

Thanks friend. I need to build up some muscle to punch that jerk, for sure.


tequilaanddeadlifts t1_itzfebo wrote

I gotta gym. Can help with muscle. What field are you in? We can see about helping with job leads


Horror-Fisherman-575 t1_itzgguu wrote

Thank you.

I’ve historically worked in Account Management and Client Services, with some marketing background. I am currently back in school for a counseling certification and want to become involved with non profits, with an eventual goal of becoming a substance abuse counselor or at least doing support work in that field.

I want to help people.


tequilaanddeadlifts t1_itzsvux wrote

I have a friend who is a substance abuse counselor now- DM me your number and I can connect you. Also, check out Safe Bars RVA - maybe they can also connect you with your background and desire to help moving forward.

I’ve been trying to get a Richmond chapter of going to! Would love to partner with them.


turtle_stank t1_itzefpl wrote

Passed my Professional Engineer exam! My plans are filling out all of this damn paperwork. I don't get how VA's application process is more antiquated than South Carolina


PayneTrainSG t1_itzvrf1 wrote

my experience with professional certifications is that a nontrivial part of the barrier to entry is navigating all of the busted websites and paperwork. congrats and good luck wrapping it up.


fastorfeast t1_iu0pgse wrote

Congrats!! I was so pumped to pass a few years back. I hope this comes w/a raise too!


timballj t1_iu1pyl2 wrote

Congrats passing! What discipline was it it? Im moving to the area in a month or so and wanted to start connecting with engineers down there


turtle_stank t1_iu1u885 wrote

Fire Protection, so likely not you 😅

Love Pittsburgh tho


timballj t1_iu1wpse wrote

Ah I work in Power electronics, but good bit of overlap with fire protection engineers as of late!


garlicspicymayo t1_itzc9ko wrote

Finally living in a more residential neighborhood. I’ve always wanted to be the house with cute decorations and great candy so I’m very excited.


Yewbaby t1_itzbaos wrote

Going to Tennessee tomorrow! We’ll be staying in a cabin in the mountains for the weekend.. I’m so excited!


Stitchmond t1_itz8v6q wrote

Sent out a half dozen resumes yesterday, trying to do the same today. Saw some jobs at UVA that I wanna go for, but they have this dumb applicant management platform that I wasn't in the mood to fuck with yesterday. Also not keen on jobs outside of Richmond right now but beggars can't be choosers am I right?


TheDogofTears t1_itzoosx wrote

The process for applying to UVA jobs is the worst I have ever seen. Once you actually get through the online compendium of things they want you to provide, you can look forward to at least 3 rounds of interviews... If they ever call back.

The worst.


LiddyDolesHole t1_itz5jla wrote

Just hoping I turn the corner with this non-COVID chest crud today so I can actually enjoy my weekend. First time I've been legit sick since early 2020. Looking forward to the Kickers' playoff game on Saturday.


Wa_wa_ouija t1_itzp6v7 wrote

Ugh I had that a couple weeks ago! It was horrible and took almost 10 days to get out of me. I was seriously sick.

Hope you feel better soon and stay on it with expectorants so you don't get pneumonia.


OopsImACrow OP t1_iu02rz1 wrote

caught that schmutz from the kids at my daycare. it took me almost three weeks to get over it, it hits like a semi-truck! good luck! dayquil is good to manage the cough.


Jacks_Cold_Sweat t1_iu0ackx wrote

Finally flying back to RVA tonight after 3 weeks in the deep south due to a family emergency. I cannot wait to be back.

Going to sleep in my own bed, ride my bike, and throw some chicken wings on the sidewalk to celebrate my return.


ChuckBS t1_itz88g7 wrote

Going to Two Door Cinema Club at The National tomorrow. Nothing much today.

Work has been tough this week. The weather is making it hard to be cheery. I'm tired.


Noparlortricks t1_itz8uhx wrote

> Two Door Cinema Club

I really hope I am wrong but I read this was cancelled and its not listed on their website. Would hate for you to drive down and find out the hard way.


ChuckBS t1_itzcfws wrote

I mean, I haven't checked. Also I'm like two minutes from there so it's no big travel wise.


ILikeYourHotdog t1_itzai0r wrote

People who went to see Chris Rock last night (or Tuesday) - what did you think of the show? It was our third time seeing him and it was really good, but not awesome. Maybe my memory has failed me, but I don't remember his shows being AS raunchy and filthy as this one was. I guess I expected more of a comedic deep dive into the social and political mess that we're currently experiencing, but what we got was more of a TED Talk on pussy. I'm curious what others thought.


throwawayrva83 t1_itzbrdj wrote

I went last night. Chris Rock has always had the raunchiness mixed in with his social and political commentary. But since he’s single I think he’s a little more focused on getting laid. I really enjoyed the show but I did feel like he was using a smaller audience in Richmond to test new material. Some of it didn’t seem fully thought out and dragged on, which is common when comedians are trying to figure out what material works and doesn’t work when preparing for a big special.


Wiltonator t1_itzi2tq wrote

Also saw CR the other night. Some of the material was spot on. But the show did drag in some spots. His stuff about dating didn’t really land. In some spots it seemed force. Just trying to be raunchy for the sake of being raunchy. Cheap laughs.


gracetw22 t1_itzt53i wrote

This is really funny to me- one of the accountants in my husband's office volunteers as one of the people at shows that help people to their seat. She is a sweet grandma who is very passionate about the chesterfield county fair. I can't wait to hear her impression of the show.


BlueXTC t1_itz7a2m wrote

Just go notified I have a check coming from VA Treasury and I have already received the $250 about a month ago. I am praying it is not a govt screw up that I will have to spend hours trying to correct. I could really use some extra $$ as my OT was cut back and it is putting a dent in my fund to pay off the vacation I took last month.


lennybriscoforthewin t1_itzh3vs wrote

I just read that Shell Oil posted record profits. Why isn’t this the headline everywhere? “Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.”


Danger-Moose t1_itzmw1p wrote

It has been a record profit year for most companies, but all we hear about is inflation. It's gross and disgusting and makes me a little more anti-capitalist every day.


AidCookKnow t1_iu0uibh wrote

If you wanna add more rage, Google how much health insurance companies profited during the pandemic. TLDR: a lot.


dovetc t1_iu0dj98 wrote

Because it's not alarming or particularly unexpected? Energy companies make more when energy prices increase. When energy prices come back down, so will Shell's profits. Broadly speaking, Shell is more at the mercy of these global market forces than they are in control of them. I'm sure XOM and CVX are also doing quite well this year.


lennybriscoforthewin t1_iu0i5b8 wrote

I honestly don't know- are you saying that it's wrong to blame the oil companies making record profits for the price of gas? It seems to me that if they scaled down the amount of their profits the price of gas could go down.


StandClear1 t1_itzqtoq wrote

Went to Garden Glow at Maymont w my family last night. AMAZING. Better than last year. Definitely going to go back. Everyone should check it out


[deleted] t1_itzwohh wrote



Danger-Moose t1_itzz7ii wrote

The section "up top" that doesn't require much in the way of mobility (i.e. does not involved the steep walk down to the Japanese Gardens) is improved this year from last.

Edit: Also, I really hate it when people delete their comments. OP was complaining about accessibility at Maymont Garden Glow in case anyone was wondering.


[deleted] t1_itzzibm wrote



coalmines t1_iu01fpa wrote

Not sure what your mobility issues are but they run tuk tuks from the entrance down to the main attraction and back for those with mobility issues. Just don’t want others to get discouraged and not go thinking they don’t have any options for people with mobility issues.


StandClear1 t1_iu02zf5 wrote

Yes, last year I saw them using something that looked like a golf cart. Pretty sure I saw one of those again yesterday as well


Danger-Moose t1_iu00lvt wrote

At a risk of potentially starting an argument, you made me look up the "Accessibility" portion of the event:

>This is a self-guided walking experience with moderate hiking and inclines. Limitations of the pathways to and throughout the historic gardens prevent wheelchairs, strollers and other assistive devices from accessing that portion of the event. The Glow Village, including the food trucks, Glow Shop, fire pits and Glow Bar are located on the Carriage House Lawn, and generally accessible by self-propelled mobility aids as well as strollers.

I'm not sure how they could put that any differently.


Asterion7 t1_itzafae wrote

Halloween weekend. Scary movies, apple cider with bourbon, candy.


gamerthrowaway_ t1_itz3ey5 wrote

The tabletop gaming extravaganza continues with the return of DollarCon this Friday/Saturday. Due to a confluence of reasons, I will have played something for 7 out of 9 days. Speaking of, I have rules to read for tonight's game while I'm on my lunch break...


rattylight t1_itzolr8 wrote

I'm babysitting for my friend's baby tonight. I love babies, but I've never actually been alone with one. I think if I make enough goofy faces we'll be alright?


FlailingOctane t1_itzstdx wrote

don’t underestimate the power of a quick gasp, much like you’d do to excite a dog. it used to distract my son all the time.


WeetWoo97 t1_iu0unt1 wrote

It’s my birthday! The lady is taking me out to dinner, and I’ve felt very loved today.


Moondinos t1_itzmgds wrote

Today is my day off and then I work all weekend. Anticipating that Sunday will be busy with gwar at the national, but for today I'm getting my car inspected and maybe some dinner plans.


TheFakePlissken t1_itzsnvy wrote

Kickers playoff happy hour at City Stadium tonight 5:30-8:00. Beer, music, food, and beer. Get pumped for the home playoff match Saturday night.


rdt69420 t1_iu02g2y wrote

It’s my Friday! Been wanting to do some tie dying for a while now and I think this might finally be the weekend I make it happen.


Pentakles t1_iu0bgq3 wrote

Thursday crowds are the worst at work, but those are still manageable. Yesterday I made donuts for everyone, but haven't decided what I'll do today. We have a party of 30, but I could still make a sweet potato or pecan pie in-between.

I like seeing how happy a big piece of pie or a brownie makes a coworker on a crummy day. Plus, Halloween weekend deserves some sweets!


jodyhighrola t1_iu0ohg2 wrote

After working way too hard M-W, I'm doing the bare minimum today and getting some chorin' done.

It's been real nice not having to mow every week.


lady_lowercase t1_itzimq1 wrote

i’m still looking for a small volume of any kind of red wood stain! less than an ounce would be more than enough, and i’d take it in a solo cup!

my fun weekend plans hopefully involve finishing this damn table.


Herculicia t1_itzp3xh wrote

I have two stains, dark walnut and red mohagany. Just chatted you a pic if you're interested.


popeboyQ t1_itzodlq wrote

What kind of red?


lady_lowercase t1_itzu73i wrote

i am of the honest opinion that any stain with a predominantly red tone will do the trick. here's the project after several coats of stain in the dark walnut color (sorry about the lighting; it's a very consistent tone in person), but i have other pieces in the home that have that are more "espresso" than "brown".


JK_sorta t1_iu0yxqa wrote

Heading to a campground for the weekend that has all sorts of Halloween inspired activities planned. Lighted golf cart parade is tomorrow night. I've been decorating my cart for 2 days now after work.


BrilliantPart t1_iu0p6wi wrote

Working at Innsbrook. Excited to go to the Y after work and smoke a blunt to end this fine day.