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Asterion7 t1_ixw1nxs wrote

Wait. What happened to shyndygz?


theboyfromphl t1_ixwtfdx wrote

They have kept their sit down restaurant building closed for dine in for quite some time (since Covid I believe) and nobody seems to know if they’ll open it back up ever again…


nightopian t1_ixxa2f9 wrote

Yup really dumb to not open but probably a financial and staffing one. I’d love to go there.


Plaski t1_iy0987g wrote

They bought the building across the street to reopen the restaurant in, no?


rologies t1_iy1jswj wrote

It's only the market now, before covid they had a restaurant across the side street. It closed down and had some massive renovations, I've seen people in it for more than just cooking, so it's gotta open again at some point.


RV-Yay t1_ixwqns5 wrote

I haven't been yet, but want to try Cameo Cakery & Cafe (on Libbie near Grove). I've heard great things about their cake, and I'm pretty sure they also serve beer and wine.


Asterion7 t1_ixw1qgw wrote

Bar at Laura lees will happily serve you cake and wine.


Ms-Pamplemousse t1_ixx121a wrote

Stella's on Grove, maybe the Scotts Addition one would work too.

I assume any good restaurant would be an option, too.


_LouSandwich_ t1_ixxfkkf wrote

Gee whiz autocorrect does not like you.


DeezEyez t1_ixyiv05 wrote

Broken Tulip


dreww4546 t1_ixwc9tb wrote

Fresh market. They sell deserts. They sell wine. They have tables out front