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coconut_sorbet t1_ixcwfxp wrote

Kinda annoyed at how many chains are moving into that shopping center - it's going to be harder for small businesses in the area to compete.



Carytown being a local thing is on its way out unfortunately. It's a slow decline (on the order of a decade or two) but it's pretty clear. The rising real estate values surrounding it apply upward pressure on rents that local shops will have trouble with.


Charlesinrichmond OP t1_ixdd79a wrote

I don't think that's clear. It can be both local and national, which I see continuing. Most of the parcels don't suit national tenants.


dovetc t1_ixea873 wrote

Yeah, didn't Jimmy John's close after less than a year or two?


sleevieb t1_ixf8x71 wrote

Wasn’t carytown empty and dead in 2002?


Charlesinrichmond OP t1_ixfpnau wrote

Before my time here so I have no clue. But I don't think the publix Center rebuild is hurting anything

If anything getting scared suburbanites down here is great, they will realize there's nothing to be scared of


ValidGarry t1_ixhkj36 wrote

Retail is dying in general. Carytown will suffer to an extent but it is more "experiential" than an average mall.


Asterion7 t1_ixd2ifk wrote

Well if it's from Boston its probably not that good. 😜


Charlesinrichmond OP t1_ixd4ivo wrote

on the food front, that's actually pretty fair I'm sad to say


donteatmydog t1_ixddnlv wrote

I'll give you an upvote. We had a Burton's in Boca Raton and the food was good. More overpriced than I would pay for myself, but one of our bosses loved going to lunch there.


Charlesinrichmond OP t1_ixde785 wrote

oh, I've no idea about Burton's, I'm just speaking of one of the real weaknesses of my previous home, as an ex Bostonian. City bats under it's weight class on the food front

u/Asterion7 is poisoned with all sorts of NYC biases, but some of them happen to be sadly correct. He's right about Pizza too. He is wrong about all NYC sports teams of course, that is definitional


gbkl74 t1_ixd0gb9 wrote

You haven't grapsed this free market thing have you?


AlreadyShrugging t1_ixh2bko wrote

Shockingly, it’s possible to both grasp something and be annoyed by it.


c53x12 t1_ixd2f5d wrote

"Sport coats and slacks". I'll pass.


Horror-Fisherman-575 t1_ixd6rqt wrote

Agreed that it sounds boring. I see their reasoning though. “Exchange was seen as a great fit for the restaurant because it sits at the confluence of several different neighborhoods – Tuckahoe, Windsor Farms, the University of Richmond and River Road.”

Wait til that crowd meets the Segway glitter panhandler


fluufhead t1_ixd945w wrote

I've half a mind to bus all the barflies from town hall, HSH and city beach over there for happy hour.


Hedgecore138 t1_ixdh91k wrote

This sounds like a terrible idea for Carytown. Keep that fake upscale chain garbage out in Brandermill and Short Pump.


dreamsresolved t1_ixdjg2x wrote

Gentle reminder that Brandermill is more "working class" and family based than Carytown, the fan, or Museum District these days but yeah I agree it belongs in Short Pump. Unfortunately, the income demographics of the city are changing drastically and this is the price we will be paying for that.


Ear_Enthusiast t1_ixftgly wrote

Sheeeit, I wish we had shit like this near Brandermill. Lots of Chinese food here, mom and pop Italian joints for your mozzarella sticks and stromboli fix, and then the Outback, Red Lobster scene is strong.


Proper-Ad4006 t1_ixhbvqs wrote

Been to the one in Charlottesville and the general Tso's cauliflower is delicious. Otherwise it's decent but pricey for what you get.


GroundbreakingBite96 t1_ixkmlzb wrote

Interesting, we have this in Charlottesville, and I noticed they also just opened up a Torchys Tacos in carytown, which was a newer addition to Charlottesville last year I believe. I feel like both of those places aren’t the best honestly, overpriced for sure but definitely a - try it once or twice’ a year type of place.


neatlair t1_ixeup2r wrote

I cant wait to make this guy so fucking rich