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derndy t1_iy3ry6s wrote

"law enforcement worker"... Meaning police officer. They really won't write that a cop murdered people, huh.


woodeehoo t1_iy4eab8 wrote

It’s called the “passive exonerative” and it’s basically in the damn style guide for reporting on any misdoings by members of LE in the media in order to minimize the relationship between the involvement or responsibility of LE and the ensuing crime or result.

It’s completely maddening but once you see it, you’ll start seeing it everywhere.

Recent examples include the case where a teenager fleeing her kidnapper was shot by LE, phrases like “the firearm was discharged, resulting in the death of XYZ”. Who exactly fired that firearm huh? Have the guns achieved sentience?

Meanwhile, same scenario with anyone BUT LE and you’ll see headlines like “crazed maniac murders good white Christians” (with the subtext being “vote Republican to stave off the Antifa takeover”)

It’s a form of manufacturing consent.


derndy t1_iy4esj8 wrote

Yes, thank you for articulating what I couldn't! Reminds me of when my roommate begrudgingly venmo'd me for shoes her cat ruined with the comment "for shoes that got cat pee on them", haha.


Steel_Airship t1_iy5mnz8 wrote

Interesting that "guns don't kill people, people kill people", until a cop kills someone.


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woodeehoo t1_iy87lnn wrote

Bro I wrote the original comment I am in no way a boot licker. ACAB.

Deleted the comment cause I guess it was confusing


kneel_yung t1_iy4vd9w wrote

As a practical consideration, they do this because they need access to police, otherwise the police will give exclusive scoops and interviews to their competitors.

Is it shitty? Of course it is. But news is entertainment and the goal is to make money. News is not a public service like many seem to think it is. They're private businesses looking to pad their bottom line in any way possible. The rich capitalists who own the media couldn't care less how informed people are. The just want cheap content, and cops give it to them for free.


sleevieb t1_iy620ud wrote

Iirc to get fcc licenses to broadcast the major channels had to agree to provide news. I think it got shut down by the Supreme Court or deregulated in the late 80s.

Cops are public servants and it’s gross that they have to be treated a certain way by reporters if anyone expects them to say anything.


Cerebraleffusion t1_iy3t704 wrote

Yeah right, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused by this title. Why not just say cop or police officer or whatever?


BurkeyTurger t1_iy3vgor wrote

The charitable answer would be that he was both a former state trooper and currently had some role within the Washington County Sheriff's Office.


DustySleeve t1_iy48d1j wrote

If youre reading this, go ahead and google 40% cops. Something something, monopoly on violence, outsourced gangwork for the landowning class, tasked with protecting property not people and enforcing laws written by old world elites...

Cops murder all the time. Its their exclusive right and borderline mandate. Excluding soldiers because The Enemy isnt people of course


ShuRugal t1_iy4cdif wrote

>Cops murder all the time. Its their exclusive right and borderline mandate. Excluding soldiers because The Enemy isnt people of course

Having done the Army thing, my experience is that soldiers are WAY more responsible than the median police officer. It's amazing what even the pretense of oversight will do.


DustySleeve t1_iy4yy7j wrote

I agree from who ive known. Which is astounding considering the last resort take all kinds deal the army is for lots of folks - somehow they must be more selective or uh actually train their people who are granted lethal force. But you hit on the key point - muthafukin oversight, responsibility for your actions babyyyy

The stereotype that cops with federally subsidized less than lethal (ideally, when operated by responsible adults) toys just wanna play soldier but couldnt hack it seems to hold water


ShuRugal t1_iy4z8qw wrote

>actually train their people who are granted lethal force.

it's this one. I was in from 2013-2017, and we were grilled mercilessly on RoE and use of force escalations allowable outside of combat.


derndy t1_iy4a0sy wrote

YEP glorified gang members whose purpose is to protect capitol, not people.


_Joe_Momma_ t1_iy550j1 wrote

Right. Armies operate with imperialist violence abroad while police are imperialist violence returning to the metropol.

Hey, that reminds of a definition of something, some kind of authoritarian ideology... what was- Oh no!


JosefDerArbeiter t1_iy3ypnv wrote

I thought that funny too. Makes it sound like he was just an analyst or accountant for the state police.


derndy t1_iy3yteu wrote

Yeah no way that wasn't the intention


Hiltson87 t1_iy3ushj wrote

Was he a cop? I assumed he worked for those departments but not in a law enforcement role based on the wording. Police departments have civilian roles like secretaries, people who work in the armories, clerical staff, etc.


derndy t1_iy3yikr wrote

Article states he was a state trooper


Hiltson87 t1_iy3yv8q wrote

Thanks, only got a chance to read part of the article.


IntrepidDreams t1_iy3zy27 wrote

It was intentional so people have the exact same confusion you just had.


RammmITTT t1_iy4gcmo wrote

Some articles out there are calling him a "former employee"... yeah, a sick fk who has the power to pull you over and legally keep you hostage in the back of his car. And he was one of those "employees" up until last month. VSP have to release more info about his "resignation" than what they're presently doing.


skully_27 t1_iy557pv wrote

Well he's a former everything now


jif613 t1_iy8y3p5 wrote

Former servant for the state, now a slave to the state. Hopefully they take good care of him in prison or hell. Whichever happens first, he don’t have a choice in the matter.


PayneTrainSG t1_iy4jtd8 wrote

This headline was designed to make me feel insane.


derndy t1_iy4kgqz wrote

I feel like they could have worded it more succinctly while also including the fact that he abducted the girl as well.


PayneTrainSG t1_iy4kr9n wrote

They could have, but why try doing your alleged job of journalism when your real job is doing emotional support labor for our fabulous boys in blue.


i_need_a_lift t1_iy422ya wrote

Not necessarily. It's clear that he was formerly a VA state cop, but the article says they couldn't get an answer from the Washington County sheriff’s office on what his role was there. With a step down like that, I wouldn't automatically assume he'd been able to continue being a cop at his new job.


lostspyder t1_iy475jb wrote

Why not? The bar for being a cop is pretty low… so much so that a Pedo murderer was literally working in a police department and no one raised a flag…


i_need_a_lift t1_iy4bh1y wrote

Perhaps, but reporters report facts, not present assumptions as facts


sinyre t1_iy4kj8h wrote

Exactly, Why can't they just say he was a fucking cop? He's part of the 40%.


ProfessionalEarth261 t1_iy6uer9 wrote

Not any old type of cop but a former Virginia State Trooper! Pussy ass mfkr ✊🏿😎


Turbulent-Flamingo84 t1_iy5f6qg wrote

Well, he was only on the job 10 months and resigned in October apparently. So, he wasn’t a current State Trooper. No one noticed any signs of psychological trouble with the guy the article I read said. But, something must have been going on if he resigned after only 10 months on the job.


derndy t1_iy5sqne wrote

And then he was hired by the Washington sheriff's department. Try again. If his first department knew he had these kinds of issues do you really think it'd be ok for them to let him resign and get a job doing the same thing elsewhere? Where is the accountability? Where is the process to weed out these freaks? Whatever the police are doing is not working because they're empowering people who wish to do others harm.


Turbulent-Flamingo84 t1_iy5vr8u wrote

You’re right. He went to a county department but he had just started orientation on 11/16. It doesn’t say why he changed.
I don’t disagree with you that some bad eggs end up in the PDs. But, these are human resource heavy organizations. It’s not likely that you’re NOT gonna have some freaks. They don’t pay them worth a dag. I’m not sure why normal people would WANT to do that job. Hey, I’m not taking up for anyone, but the reality is being a police officer has to be a crap job. But, that doesn’t change the fact that, in spite of their struggles to get people among this labor shortage, that they should set the bar as high as possible including substantial psychological testing. Maybe this guy didn’t wave his “I’m a pedofile and a murderer” flag to these people. Serial killers live whole normal lives and no one knows.


derndy t1_iy5whmy wrote

Ok. My point was that every article I've seen about it, including this one, makes it very difficult to parse that he was a cop in the first place. You can see by how many people in this thread alone couldn't tell due to the wording of the article. The headline is ridiculous, should read "Virginia police officer shot dead after abducting teenage girl and killing her family." There are many people out there who won't read further and will never know that this is the kind of person hired for the police force.


Turbulent-Flamingo84 t1_iy5fizn wrote

I can see if he had performance issues that they might give him the opportunity to resign instead of fire him. So, there must be more to this story.


derndy t1_iy5uhib wrote

For sure there's more to the story. But we know he was a cop who was a pedophile and murderer.


Stofficer2 t1_iy43vc4 wrote

You’re a moron lol


eziam t1_iy45p0j wrote

Easy there. You are breaking our subreddit rule #1 of not being a jerk.


derndy t1_iy44qp5 wrote

Please, do explain further.


Stofficer2 t1_iy44y9h wrote

Are you so dense to think that there are non law enforcement employees employed by a police station? If you answer phones for 911, you are in no way a law enforcement officer, just as one example. But keep chanting defund the police, it’s working out great for the left.


derndy t1_iy456p4 wrote

The article states he was a state trooper

Edit: furthermore this is just one of many examples of the press refusing to reflect in their article titles that the perpetrator of a murder was a cop.


Stofficer2 t1_iy58l8t wrote

Why are you omitting this?

“ He was assigned to Henrico County, which is within the Richmond Division, they said, before RESIGNING on Oct. 28”


derndy t1_iy5cxda wrote

After which he was hired by the Washington county sheriff's office, which is where he was employed when the murders (and other crimes) took place.


Stofficer2 t1_iy5jia2 wrote

Exactly. Hired by Washington sheriffs office as a law enforcement employee. Just like how Paul pelosi attacker was a right wing extremist and the Colorado nightclub shooter hated gays.

Your original comment was expressing your frustration toward law enforcement for trying to cover for their fellow officers. The pelosi attacker was a leftist, the Colorado nightclub shooter was trans. Your frustration should be with the inaccurate media we have, not with for example, law enforcement who had nothing to do with writing this article.


derndy t1_iy5t68d wrote

The Washington sheriff's department stated publicly that he was employed there. It's not some conspiracy, he was a cop. And until the police as a whole start fixing their problems and really examining who they employ, they're just gonna keep being hated. No responsibility without accountability.


A_Big_Teletubby t1_iy63dog wrote

> the Colorado nightclub shooter was trans

no he wasnt lmfao you're delusional


Stofficer2 t1_iy6fotb wrote

Oh I’m sorry, non binary right? Which they declared in 2016?


A_Big_Teletubby t1_iy6lmsv wrote

They changed their name in 2016 to get away from their dad and encyclopedia dramatica. cant find anything about them ever declaring nonbinary before the shooting. transparent attempt to avoid hate crime charges


Stofficer2 t1_iya48t5 wrote

Oh ok so your statement isn’t a conspiracy theory but Paul pelosi attacker filling his blogs with right wing propaganda two weeks before the attack, that’s a conspiracy theory? Got it. Another example of how the left refuses to accept that they too have mentally unstable extremist on their side.


A_Big_Teletubby t1_iyahru4 wrote

the paul pelosi guy was a crackpot for sure. why would i care about his political affiliation. youre bringing up random shit for no reason. Going to a club and killing gay people is the logical endpoint of the republican Groomer discourse and a lot of the party clearly condones that.


Stofficer2 t1_iyamcxa wrote

Not at all. Pushing the gay agenda down kids throats have led to the current rhetoric. Drag shows at schools is absolutely fucking pointless. Books in public libraries depicting sexual acts between two people (whether it be gay or straight) is absolutely fucking pointless, too. Those books were in Virginia school libraries.

I’m bringing up “old random shit” to prove how biased the media is. Why do you think there’s so much hate between the left and the media towards Elon? He’s letting the right voice their opinions.


derndy t1_iy5sb9w wrote

No it wasn't? My original comment was about how journalists never state that a cop has murdered someone. In this article in particular they went to great lengths to avoid using the words "police officer". This obfuscation in the polices favor is frequent.


Stofficer2 t1_iy45h7o wrote

Oh it does? “Austin Lee Edwards of North Chesterfield, Virginia, who detectives learned had worked for the Virginia State Police until being recently employed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia.”


derndy t1_iy45tyt wrote

"A spokesperson for the Virginia State Police said Edwards entered its academy July 6, 2021, and graduated as a trooper on Jan. 21 of this year."


A_Big_Teletubby t1_iy48vc8 wrote

how many licks does it take until you get to collect a vrs pension


Stofficer2 t1_iy5ocbu wrote

You’re welcome to move to a country that has no law and order. South Africa is a perfect example of what happens when identity politics takes over law and order. South Africa will welcome you with open arms…. As long as your not white. You’re not white, right?


derndy t1_iy5vp05 wrote

Lol what does South Africa have to do with anything. I'm all for having laws, but the police ain't working. They have zero accountability, little training, and too much power/force behind them. Are you ok with guys like this patrolling your streets?


A_Big_Teletubby t1_iy639qr wrote

one of your fellow state troopers just killed 3 people and you're seething over reddit comments


Stofficer2 t1_iy6fy4j wrote

One of my fellow state troopers? I’m not involved with any law enforcement agency nor friends with any state troopers. If anything fuck the VA state police. They were 100% complacent in the Charlottesville riots that led to that schizo dude run that poor girl over.