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Professional_Book912 t1_ix98jiq wrote

Rack them all up. HCA made 7B last year. It's definitely not about patient care.


Soloemilia t1_ix9jifp wrote

I used to work there. They cut our benefits and our $0 copay prescription copay due to “high costs” and the “pandemic”


Dantron94 t1_ix8t5zf wrote

Good! Hold their feet to the fire for neglecting the communities they are obligated to help.

Write to your representatives! Kaine, Spanberger, McEachin, and congress in general can demand answers in a forum where it’s harder to bullshit and generates more attention, but will persist if they hear from their constituents.


catmmy50 t1_ix9pq5f wrote

I heard they refused to sell it to Vcuhs health because they wanted that discount on the drugs not to help the poor people


55V35lM t1_ix9eonh wrote

If too much pressure is put on them, they may abandon the location and no way will HCA move in over there. They need to be accountable but they also need to break-even across the areas they serve. Simplistic health comparisons of Windsor Farms residents vs. those in Fairfield isn’t going to solve this - those with more disposable income are going to spend more on healthcare (and everything else for that matter).


carbondrewtonium t1_ix9g7wm wrote

At first, I thought this was Coalition Theater. I thought that was odd, but now I’m thinking that Bon Secours has enough to pitch some money towards the arts.