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DowninDowntown t1_iyaw99r wrote

I’ve always been satisfied when I go to Jamaica House Restaurant on Broad St. in Jackson Ward - and I always get extra coco bread


kittens856 t1_iybcnqo wrote

Carenas on midlo pike too!


PimpOfJoytime t1_iybdj5l wrote

On this subject does anyone know what happened to the woman who ran the Caribbean Grill cart at Cary & 10th? She had the best jerk chicken and plantains I’ve ever had.


dcmband03 t1_iybul35 wrote

So I believe that was Moses's second cart. He still has the main one on 10th and Clay. He had to close that one a while back because he didn't have proper support to run both efficiently.


jracka t1_iybepjz wrote

This post is jamaican me hungry


ImplementEven1196 t1_iyb3fbo wrote

How about the one on Semmes Ave?


panopticon31 t1_iychay4 wrote

They are absolutely awful.

The wings are tiny , dry and reheated in the microwave. And when it's warmer out they have DJs on Thursday and Friday on their "patio" who point the speakers at the apartments next door and play music so loud you can hear it 3 blocks away.


allidyaj t1_iyck0tf wrote

Irie Ting on 1st and Cary.


Diet_Coke t1_iycyuzk wrote

+1 for Irie Ting, get the jerk chicken with cabbage and peas & rice, and bread pudding if you're really going all out. Don't make plans for later, cause you're gonna be nappin'


Kamesod t1_iydlm0e wrote

I thought the wings at irie were incredible, my coworker said “oh nononono you HAVE to go to Jamaica house, it’s so much better.” Well damn, if it’s better than irie it might just be the best spot in rva


irbnate t1_iyb1kjm wrote

I past one that just opened at Hungary springs and broad. Have not been but willing to give it a try.


icepick314 t1_iyd8u1v wrote

If you mean Jamaica Jerk Pit, I'll probably stop by sometime next week myself.

Always willing to try a place at least once.


jawsofrva t1_iydqxlm wrote

Charles Kitchen in the West End, pricer but good spot for a sit down meal.

Irie Ting and Carena's/Jamaica House (same folks) for to go.


gdtrfb804 t1_iycse9k wrote

Rick's Cafe in Negril. Great food, drinks, and sunsets.