Submitted by Loyoung t3_z7wfis in rva

Looking for sports bars/restaurants that would be showing the US game at 2 today. Hoping to find somewhere with a lot of people (it’s Tuesday during the day so I’m not expecting anything crazy). Let me know if any suggestions!



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skeevy-stevie t1_iy8ibya wrote

Penny lane was packed for the first game, I got there an hour and a half early and the bar seats were full, but there were tables open. By kickoff, they were full and not letting people in.


RVA_Lakeside t1_iy8nsoi wrote

Gus's - Buddy's - Wood & Iron


4lways4ward t1_iy8st8k wrote

The cask and garden grove brewery are showing, cask might be busier


burdell69 t1_iy8r04j wrote

Triple crossing downtown has been showing all the games on a projector.