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Horror-Fisherman-575 t1_iy5mxte wrote

Classes at VisArts, and maybe try to organize a Reddit meetup via the sub here? Post what your hobbies are and set a date and time at a local brewery or coffee shop.


Adorable-Plant7503 t1_iy5qh0d wrote

That’s a really good idea. I’m gonna think on this… what kinds of classes are available at VisArts?


wrenster00 t1_iyckxvy wrote

They have an online catalog, but drawing,ceramics, stained glass, hot/warm glasswork, zines, fiber work. It's a wonderful place!


Original-Housing t1_iy5yyda wrote

I’ve found that it’s easier to take something you like doing and then doing it socially rather than the other way around. Not sure that helps though.


RammmITTT t1_iy5sgy8 wrote

Just one idea but join a couple of community groups which do gatherings. Might or might not be up your alley doing volunteer community service which will give a person a sense of reason, a very therapeutic thing, but Friends of Bryan Park is one that does regular park cleanups.

Do a few VCU games and sit in The West End of the Siegel Center, screaming at a game can be a good way to constructively let loose some steam and you'll definitely meet people in that wild group that sits over there. There's one coming up Wednesday night at 7pm vs Vanderbilt. It's gonna be a wild one. If you're iso a quieter athletic experience, do a UR Spiders game and wear a red sweater vest and bring a knitting needle.


jacksonwarg t1_iy6v14o wrote

I feel this. I used to make friends through work, but now I work from home and don't know anyone in town. I'm trying to cut back on alcohol too, which further limits my options for socializing. I'm in my thirties and never thought I would be this disconnected.


Adorable-Plant7503 t1_iy8f8k8 wrote

It’s a weird time in the world right now! I feel like everyone’s on the same boat these days, I saw somewhere that people are calling it a social recession?


BugggJuice t1_iy5n250 wrote

oh man do i feel this. the best luck i've had was joining a discord channel for people with similar interests


SwanOverSunshine t1_iy73y50 wrote

It sounds like you’re meeting people, so that’s good. If you click with someone, are you taking it to the next level by asking them on a friend date? I would suggest some sort of activity you like to do, nothing too serious. So if you were planning to go to a few stores in Carytown Saturday, ask them along. Or if there’s a movie you want to see some afternoon, or go play frisbee in the park. Even better is something you both like to do. Don’t ask to meet for coffee, a drink, or a meal - that can be too serious and real date-like, mainly because those activities are focused on talking.


DeviantAnthro t1_iy6274h wrote

I took whiskey and fire spinning materials down to Belle Isle every evening for months when i moved here. I would wake up in the morning with new friends in my phone wondering who they were and where they came from.