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bruxalle t1_j28ux9q wrote

It would be cool if publications would stop with headlines like this, referring to his fighting. How about referring to him as “Pedophile Joe” instead of “Fighting Joe”?


TopTraffic9819 t1_j28zuyq wrote

I find comfort in knowing his second marriage has failed. Can’t believe people vote for him.


master_sweep t1_j29ddaj wrote

I worked on his house he had in north side. He is a very, at least seemingly to me, fake person to talk to. His wife, the girl who was involved in his infamous incident, was very obviously meeting with a boyfriend while I was there working.


Danger-Moose t1_j2a5bm8 wrote

She's his first marriage. He didn't marry the other women he had kids with.


suz_gee t1_j2bv3gh wrote

Really?! I never knew that. TIL.


GhostWriter52025 t1_j29mmvp wrote

Random kinda funny story I don't really have a way of telling most of the time:

He gets votes because he likes to try and make personal connections with people to give off a "grassroots" vibe. One time he apparently decided I was a target of one of those connections, I'm pretty sure he picks at random while campaigning. Unfortunately for him, I frequently used my mom's address for stuff, because I didn't want anything getting delivered to my house if I wasn't there and she lived 10 minutes up the road. So he ended up at my mom's house trying to talk to me about his campaign. Instead, he got my bored brother, who had nothing better to do, so he didn't correct him on who he was, and let him waste 30 minutes before finally saying "Oh, you're looking for GhostWriter52025? Nah, I'm his brother. I can't even vote, man." He told me about it later, and we had a good laugh over wasting his time. Then we both voted for definitely not him, because he should've left that young girl the hell alone


Deast t1_j2bzgnk wrote

Boy, you sure showed him! You wasted his time as he tried to, you know, actually talk to his constituency! He's SUCH a monster! And you REALLY got him good by doing nothing! WOW!


GhostWriter52025 t1_j2c704c wrote

At no point did I claim I did anything, at no point did I say he was already representing the area, and pretending like his relationship with her isn't bad is hella disingenuous, but go off homie


PetersburgMutualAid t1_j2987tz wrote

I haven't spoken to one person who is for this casino. And I've spoken to a lot of people.


bozatwork t1_j2c3u91 wrote

So, I went to the City Council meeting this month to give public comment on something they were voting on that night. The informal meeting ran over its time and there was a break of like twenty minutes before the start of the formal meeting, with councilors walking around chatting with people and getting food. I was sitting in the third row. Reva was chatting and said several times "We're gonna get that casino!" loud enough for others outside of the conversation to hear. I was like huh so this is democracy in action. After the referendum votes. She repeated some of the comments while taking photos with the people getting awards. So stupid.


DeviantAnthro t1_j2902sj wrote

Pedo Joe pushea for more gambling in low income areas


Asterion7 t1_j29o1bx wrote

The fact that this guy is fighting so hard for a casino should be a big red flag for all you casino supporters.


opienandm t1_j29rg1s wrote

“An expression that my kids have heard a thousand times and they can’t stand [is], “Finish the job. … You’re halfway there. You’re three-quarters [of] the way there.””

I hope the day soon comes when he won’t be able to use his kids as a marketing tool to portray himself as a decent human being.


The8thHammer t1_j2bwinb wrote

Lots of people really wanna launder money through this don't they.


IronGiants1973 t1_j2bly5l wrote

Hard to imagine him throwing hands. He’s a small dude.


suz_gee t1_j2bvb88 wrote

It’s a reference to the time he got in a courtroom brawl with opposing council,


sandandrew t1_j2bwsj3 wrote

Part of me hopes Petersburg gets a casino, just in hopes it stays out of RVA. But I also don’t really wish that on Petersburg either. And I wish Morrissey would just crawl back under his rock and go the fuck away.