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My girl and I tried to get in last night there was noooo way. Line was too long for a cold night, but man it looked so good inside I’m sure it was worth the hype. Any of y’all been yet?



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fanrva t1_j0pyvfb wrote

If you’re looking for a festive atmosphere and wintery drinks, check out Get Tight Lounge. Been a few times lately. No wait, great drinks, much cheaper than the Jasper.


lemonartichoke t1_j0uetcr wrote

That place is really cool but I can't get over the name "get tight lounge". It's so bad lol


fanrva t1_j0uim58 wrote

100% agree. It’s….off putting. I almost didn’t go the first time because of it. A friend really wanted to try it though.


Amaranthbuds t1_j13ra5k wrote

Glad I saw this recommendation this week…went and it was super fun, hardly anyone in there, fun Christmas drinks, and they have FRITO PIESSS. Friday they have live music with a big band playing Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas Music on the patio. All ages and family appropriate.


richmondriverrat t1_j0pyf27 wrote

I went there this weekend with my friend. We waited for about an hour in line. the drinks are delicious but in my opinion over priced. They’re all $15-$16. Atmosphere is amazing and the decorations are very nice. It’s like a nice night out type of place, definitely would only buy one drink.

Edit: Jesus, the jasper syndicate is coming after me hard for this comment lol


Visual-Sheepherder36 t1_j0q4qmg wrote

Y'all should print up some tshirts: The Jasper Forced Me to Wait in Line and All I Got Was One Cocktail


richmondriverrat t1_j0q4vh8 wrote

No one forced me to wait in line. I wanted to be there, just an honest critique after the fact


smellslikebadussy t1_j0pzwsc wrote

We went last year and had the same experience.


richmondriverrat t1_j0q03i2 wrote

It’s just a normal bar decorated. No reason to charge extra for simple Christmas drinks. But hey they can up charge because there’s a huge line everyday before they open.


needsexyboots t1_j0q6dix wrote

They also pay a fee to be part of the “Miracle” pop-up series so it makes sense their cocktails might be a little more than normal


richmondriverrat t1_j0q6ibq wrote

The only sense that is made from charging more for cocktails is to make more money


needsexyboots t1_j0q8a9f wrote

It doesn’t make sense to you that there would be a markup for something that cost them more to do in the first place? I’m not saying anything about whether or not I think it’s worth the price


richmondriverrat t1_j0q8mpj wrote

I agree with you. It does make sense to me to mark up the price for more expensive drinks. The mark up is super high though, so I feel like they’re charging more for the “experience” as justification which is just profiting. Which they’re allowed to do


needsexyboots t1_j0q9sgt wrote

Most of their normal drink prices are $13-$14 and all the Miracle drinks except for one appear to be $14 so they aren’t even marking anything up from their normal price (which was surprising to me)


7th-cup-of-coffee t1_j0tvn67 wrote

The cocktails weren’t all $15-$16, they were more in the $12-$14 range. They also had their normal beer/wine menu with cheaper options…


mydogisajedi t1_j0qr34q wrote

Imagine waiting in line to get into a bar in Richmond, Virginia.


xdisappointing t1_j0r7wen wrote

I mean, your dog is a Jedi so you probably aren’t worried about lines anywhere. Us less fortunate have to wait in line sometimes.


Extension_Ad6318 t1_j0qifca wrote

Asked the couple standing at the front of the line how long the had been waiting. Saturday night 7:00 pm.

"Two and a half hours." 🙃


cassanovadaga t1_j0q7tq3 wrote

If you go later in the evening, you’ll wait for significantly less. This sucks for anyone who’s not a late night person, but we had luck getting in Friday night around 10:30 with 7 of us. We only waited like 10-15 min.

Also, they’re not really overpriced compared to normal Jasper drinks or an equivalent place.


jjj999catcatcat t1_j0qp37w wrote

Birdies has a pretty cute xmas theme bar that is not that difficult to get into. Better food too because oysters.


Diet_Coke t1_j0rkept wrote

Haven't been this year, have been in previous years. It's cool but not worth standing in that line for, you still have to pay for your drinks at the end of the night. I love The Jasper 11 months out of the year.


WeetWoo97 t1_j0rx4oh wrote

I went last year. The drinks weren’t memorable, but I had incredible party mix (Cheetos, Fritos, popcorn, M&Ms) that I now recreate to this day.


gleepgloopgleepgloop t1_j0rqey1 wrote

Just drove by, and the line went to the end of the street. About 60 people or so.

My opinion only: learn to decorate your house or apartment for the season. It's not that hard or expensive - use the internet. Pick 2 to 3 cocktails, learn to make them well and call them something seasonal. Have your own little happy hour party. It will cost more than you and your partner and friends standing in line for 2 hours plus a cocktail but I guarantee you will be doing something that your friends will find much more fun.


inexcelciusheyoooo t1_j0qkcgh wrote

It’s not worth it, same drinks as the past XX years (which are good) but not worth waiting 2-3 hours


Krunchy_Granola t1_j0rv6u7 wrote

Woof. I always drive past the line and just think “suckers”.


digitalbotanist t1_j0un3v8 wrote

I've been this year. I was out with a couple girlfriends to see a show at Altria and headed over after. We waited about 20 minutes at 10:00 PM on a Thursday to get 3 seats at the bar. I love the holidays so I was super into it. It is decorated to the max and the seasonal drinks come in festive mugs/ glasses. I tried 3 of the drinks, I can't remember the name but they were all delicious. Is it worth a 2 hour wait? No. I don't think so, you can go to other places doing fun stuff for the holidays. But it was worth the 20 minute wait. BTW the staff is great. We had a great time chatting with our bartender who was super helpful and picking out drinks to try.


7th-cup-of-coffee t1_j0tw029 wrote

The line is worth it if you get there early before it opens. We waited for about 45 minutes. I drank coffee in line and did some Christmas shopping from my phone, so not anything too different than what I would have been doing at home.


AnyGazelle2261 t1_j0v9iq8 wrote

If you can get there early and not wait in the absurd line it’s really cool decor and the cocktails are fire but it’s honestly not worth waiting 2 hours in line for, especially in the cold

Too many other bars/breweries/restaurants doing holiday themed decor and cocktails just as good to justify that wait.


crankitup29 t1_j0w2rhz wrote

I love this place and we’ve gone every year it has been open. The cocktails are not that expensive.

This year we queued much earlier than usual, like 4 pm. Still didn’t get in until 6:15. Also, I feel pretty salty about people allowing friends to join them in the line. I don’t care if it is one person. But we had a group let five people in ahead of us.

The overall scene is a bit too much for me now. I love the Jasper though. And their happy hours are great prices.


RVA_Lakeside t1_j0ubk6x wrote

Drove by there on Saturday night and could not believe how long the line was to get in there. People seriously have problems if they're willing to wait through that.


tylernolQD t1_j0v19tm wrote

I waited so long on Friday that i ordered food and a cocktail to go at Greek on Cary to have while in line.

Imo it's worth it if the line looks less than 45 minutes. Yet I've waited multiple hours multiple times bc my fiancee loves the place. Ahh.

I do enjoy the cocktails there tho, esp the naughty shot and the snowball old fashioned


Sabriel-17 t1_j0zuvjy wrote

It’s actually one of my favorite holiday things to do—I go every year! I recommend getting there before opening and ready for a wait outside. I went at 4 yesterday (they open at 5) and got in around 5:30. I’d also highly recommend Birdie’s on Broad—honestly their holiday cocktails were just ok, but the decor was great and my non-drinking husband loves oysters so it was still fun for him. We didn’t have a reservation but went early and were sat right away.


Standard_Bat_8833 t1_j0rk43d wrote

The line was fun. Cool people and you can have a drink while you wait.


HickNamby t1_j0v232z wrote

Go at 1am and enjoy the empty bar and relieved bartenders. Before that go to town hall


drdeeznuts420 t1_j0uaixu wrote

Helen’s will always be my #1 Xmas spot