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sleevieb t1_j0a9r38 wrote

This seems way too cool and good for governor otherkin to be doing.


[deleted] t1_j0bmrxl wrote



sleevieb t1_j0bnl7f wrote

I scanned the article looking for a wild ass pay cut to “offset” this and didn’t see it.


tranion10 t1_j0ailr9 wrote

I really don't think he's as evil as the progressive circlejerk often makes him out to be.


anonyngineer t1_j0b77pe wrote

I don’t think Youngkin believes in much of anything but setting himself up to add a zero or two to his net worth.

As far as running for President, or acting like a full-blown Trumpist, if it can help with that goal, sure.


Charlesinrichmond t1_j0cfy3q wrote

I disagree at this point he wants political power he would have made much more money staying where he was


got_that_itis t1_j0difta wrote

Word is that he was asked to resign at Carlyle because he wasn't effective. He couldn't stay off he wanted to


anonyngineer t1_j0df392 wrote

My view is that returning to Carlyle or a similar situation after having been governor increases his value and connections greatly.


Charlesinrichmond t1_j0m43jw wrote

nah. He maxed that. Rather the reverse.

At some point marginal value of the added dollars is nothing for a lot of guys like that.


raindeerpie t1_j0bxttd wrote

right? the comments here are so silly. just underhanded compliments, insults, and baseless claims of fraud. is it so hard for people to admit that an "evil" republican is doing something you like?


fractalflatulence t1_j0bxt62 wrote

there's a large % of people on "both sides" that simply will never be happy with anything.


Utretch t1_j0cevt1 wrote

You can be a shit person trying to put a sweater vest over the right's reactionary plunge into the sewers and still do somethings that are good. It's actually pretty hard to only so bad things ever. That doesn't stop you from being a bad person.


CapeCharlesVA t1_j0dn8h4 wrote

$100,000,000 in the Youngkin budget amendment for Richmond combined sewer overflow project. So he’s kinda fixin the sewer.


Utretch t1_j0dpzyl wrote

Awesome! Still a terrible person.


Inevitable_Rise8363 t1_j0gh1nx wrote

Wait are you talking about yourself, or Youngkin? At this point I'm confused


Utretch t1_j0hp0nr wrote

I've never mentioned myself so I think process of elimination that should be clear.


Travmizer t1_j0jokj6 wrote

I think he upsets people when he tries to criminalize abortion after 15 weeks and makes it illegal for teachers to mention that gay people exist. He doesn’t think that’s evil but many people myself included do.


Daemonrealm t1_j0ahteh wrote

I hopefully won’t be proven wrong, but this does appear to be a passion for him to get done. If those tears were real which I do believe they were during the announcement of it.


ChuckfromBoston t1_j0acckd wrote

It’s great that he is interested in receiving funds from the federal Climate Change bill that includes provisions for mental health…Democrats have been pushing for this for 15 years


dovetc t1_j0bu48d wrote

>Climate Change bill that includes provisions for mental health

Man, I wish we could pass specific bills one at a time rather than 500 unrelated things crammed into one massive bill.


Chickenmoons t1_j0a5bzs wrote

A preferable headline to “Governor Booed at Basketball Game”


sleevieb t1_j0a9pty wrote

Did that happen today?


catmmy50 t1_j0c0ewg wrote

No if they only paid mental health workers a lot more because it's a very unsafe environment most of the time


prof_herp_derp t1_j0cmb9d wrote

I wonder if this is a response to the federal government more or less suing VA for not meeting national mental health standards. Been an issue for years and years at this point.


Inevitable_Rise8363 t1_j0gd0vd wrote

Hahaha all of the backhanded comments 😂😂 Just be happy somethings getting done and stop doing mental gymnastics to keep politics so divisive.


batkave t1_j0bb7rt wrote

Who is getting kickbacks and how is he trying to privatize this to destroy the system?