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bruxalle t1_j1d0yjx wrote

His name was Jasper Shirley, and sadly he passed away about four years ago. He was a treasure to this city and lives on in the hearts of those of us who were lucky enough to be quacked at.


Hiltson87 t1_j1ds5kf wrote

Thought his first name was Robert?


10698 t1_j1fpdnv wrote

He was a regular customer when I worked at the Carytown Kroger around 2010. Back then, we only ever knew him as simply "Shirley." I had no idea his first name was Jasper.


bruxalle t1_j1g5suy wrote

My bad, his name was indeed Shirley Jasper. Apologies.


BabyBat07 t1_j1cpv55 wrote

Long live Duck Man


Stitchmond t1_j1dnsu7 wrote

Duckman was a well-received animated sitcom that aired on USA network in the mid-90s, about a duck private detective voiced by Jason Alexander.


hewantdatcake t1_j1dfycn wrote

Anyone seen boom box guy since Covid? I miss him :(