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andrew_c_r t1_j2aievq wrote

Entrance to milf island


smkestcklghtn t1_j2atuka wrote

Welcome to Milf Island! Our assistants will see to your every need. Don't miss our all night dance party on Botox Bay


cayennemilkshake t1_j2clxge wrote

"MILF Island reflects the drama of the human experience, and isn't that the essence of art?"


SeeYaLaterDylan t1_j2akk8j wrote

That's the Chimborazo Hadron Collider


linklight2000 t1_j2awluo wrote

The plan is to slam two particles together in hopes of discovering the perfect beer. Or brunch. Either outcome is within optimal parameters.


MuadDave t1_j2ebjpg wrote

> That's the Chimborazo Hadron Collider

That's the Chimborazo Hadron Hairweave Collider


jodyhighrola t1_j2aioop wrote

Joe Morrissey's b-hole


Richmond_Mondo t1_j2amart wrote

Or maybe the pit where JoeMo’s chances for Federal elected office reside


1yellowstoneguy t1_j2c5ca6 wrote

We should “Erect” a monument to him and call it “compensation plaza”.


gonefrombad t1_j2ag3j9 wrote

Drop shaft and sewer replacement


1yellowstoneguy t1_j2bzg3p wrote

Your mom dropped my shaft…….but I didn’t sewer… Well I’m funny to myself at least.


gonefrombad t1_j2eydmx wrote

Probably because your shaft was too narrow in diameter and needs enlargement like the photo above, suckaaa


vwphile t1_j2bm3fg wrote

This is probably right, it's s a little far down, but is the first post that isn't ironic, so this is probably right.


CLCSC2 t1_j2c4kxy wrote

Yeah my understanding is that the sewer kept breaking because the mountain is basically just mud, so this time they are digging way deeper to place the sewer line


ITMORON t1_j2aooxp wrote

Oh now I want to fly my drone in there. Where is this u/op?


Tripledigitspeeds t1_j2b117s wrote

You are overthinking it tie a go pro/camera/phone to a string or fishing pole


ITMORON t1_j2b9i3x wrote

Great idea! Less control but definitely more footage!!


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j2awhhg wrote

I hope you can do so (safely) but be careful, those steel walls might act like a faraday cage and limit connectivity between your controller and the drone


onlyTryingtoBeNice t1_j2ayqk8 wrote

definitely need to tie a string to it in-case it gets lost down there

but for real u/ITMORON if you do that, please please post what you find!


ITMORON t1_j2ayk73 wrote

Indeed, great point. If I can get over it and get a zoom shot I’d be happy.


BatmansNygma t1_j2bbugb wrote

It's gonna be really dark too.. darker than your drone light can illuminate


Straight-Salary1844 t1_j2b5mo7 wrote

I’m pretty sure Roadhog threw me in one of these in an Overwatch game for the Play Of The Game


DeannaZone t1_j2cjpk8 wrote


God I miss 12 hogs 1 hole on specialty in OW1


dalbach77 t1_j2b114u wrote

Tunnel to Ashland.


Jsprdn t1_j2bka0b wrote

Please let it be an entrance to the beer caves! I searched for a way in years ago to no avail.


Kujo17 t1_j2cdmwk wrote

Wtf this should be it's own post lol had no idea

>Many Richmonders have probably heard of the “beer vaults” that are somewhere under the park, but few know of their history or how extensive they are. A pencil and ink plan from the City Engineer’s office records in the archives of the Library of Virginia shows the position of the vaults and describes their considerable dimensions: six chambers, ranging from 30 to 60 feet long and arranged in a “L” pattern. The vaulted ceilings are approximately twenty feet tall. Considering a GRTC bus is about forty feet long, the large scale of these underground rooms is truly impressive.

>An octagon sketched in pencil over the vaults presumably indicates the position of the park house directly above the brick rooms, which are drawn in red. An elaborate stairway with landings once served as access to the two entrances. The plan also notes the locations of a public spring (which still exists) below the park house, and a horse trough, both of which were to provide refreshment to horses and men making their way up the switchback road that wound between Fulton and Broad Street. The road is labeled “30 Foot Road Leading to Tunnel,” a reference to the famous Church Hill railroad tunnel which collapsed in 1925.

That really does sound massive


popeboyQ t1_j2an3p6 wrote

My heart...


fusion260 t1_j2bwsjp wrote

🎵 You've got a black hole. I've got a ticket to your Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery.

—Tracy Chapman's b-side album, probably


Iamlight84 t1_j2bkkj4 wrote

Well don’t leave us hangin bud, climb on down there. I’m betting sewer folks. Mutant sewer folk


tpasmall t1_j2azk70 wrote

It's this where Fulton gas works used to be?


yourMomsIndy t1_j2bg8cy wrote

These people take digging their holes to China seriously


sbaggers t1_j2ch5mi wrote



ilynfimae t1_j2dn744 wrote

Hop in and find out


Power_Blaster t1_j2bhk7d wrote

Wtf is chimbo? Sorry, I got trashed on here for referring to Oregon Hill as O-Hill once. Edit: sorry guys, Chimbo is cool and hip. Anybody want to hit up Scott's Addy and go to some Breweries? Or Maybe we can roll down the Po-Po and go to south side?


AltruisticSquash9028 t1_j2blv8h wrote

Chimborazo, an area near Church Hill


Power_Blaster t1_j2bptyn wrote

I know, just never heard anyone refer to it as chimbo.


suz_gee t1_j2buyia wrote

People in this part of town def refer to it as Chimbo a lot. We even have a store named Chimbo Mart.