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I used to live in Rva a couple years ago and haven’t been back in like a year or so. A friend of mine was passing through and I recommended they hit up bo dillaz (one of my favorite cheap eats on campus) to grab a bite, but when they got there they said it looked like they were closed down.

Idk if anyone has any info on what happened there but I gotta know if it’s true they’re officially closed for business? I’m really hoping it’s just for the holidays but any info would appreciated. Thanks for reading/responding!



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10698 t1_j1x32ha wrote

You have to dig for this information since they didn't put it on the front page of their web site or on their phone message, and they haven't updated their social media in 3 years, but after clicking through to their online ordering, there's a message stating they're closed through January 2.


jacksonwarg t1_j1x13db wrote

I walk by there all the time I think it's just holiday hours, if I'm remembering the right spot.


Shlunty69 t1_j1xipjb wrote

They were probably all at quesadilla fest.


jonnboy_mann OP t1_j1xuqgd wrote

That’s a real thing?? Duuuude I’m missing out


jason375 t1_j1x88n7 wrote

Still open, still good.


tamdor_clegane t1_j1wxd0o wrote

That would suck. Had a list of places to hit up when I get back to VA (been 10 years) and with Roxy cafe, mojos, and possibly bo dillaz gone, all I would have left is Picolla


Lucky_Locks t1_j1y9fja wrote

Don't forget Baja. Although I think the new place's floors are still sticky


againer t1_j21e8gp wrote

Add Baja bean and Black Sheep to the RIP list.


Western-Bar-9404 t1_j21dg30 wrote

My husband and I got bodillaz for our honeymoon dinner. We stayed at the Jefferson. So yummmy


jonnboy_mann OP t1_j22b2hx wrote

Suuuper good, I always get the chicken parm one👌🏻


DanSRedskins t1_j1zekld wrote

It's diarrhea fuel. I wouldn't eat there.