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I saw Nate Barzgate was coming to the altria theater and I was interested in seeing him, but after clicking on seats one ticket is at least $100! That is unreal to see a comedian. Is it just altria? Or have all ticket prices gone up?



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BarryNegan t1_j0a5r37 wrote

Nate Bargatze is funny but not 100 dollars funny. I saw Maria Bamford a couple months ago, I think it was 25 dollars, and she's one of the greats.


juwanna-blomie t1_j0bciqb wrote

While I haven’t listened to enough Nate Bargatze to determine how much his tickets are worth for ME, he HAS been selling out big venues for the last year or so.


Hiltson87 t1_j0bcooz wrote

Ticket Master had gotten so out of hand that the justice department has started an investigation about 30 years too late.

Looked into Judas Priest tickets last year. $60 for lawn tickets. Was over $200 with all the fees. Saw them in 2019 in DC and think I paid like $30 total.


WontArnett t1_j09zsgr wrote

Every company has raised their prices in the name of “inflation”, not corporate greed.

Have you left your house lately?


Charlesinrichmond t1_j0cjlj8 wrote

I don't get why people think that corporations have all of a sudden started getting greedy for the first time. It makes no sense

News flash corporations were greedy last year 5 years before that and 10 years before that up until the beginning of time. Because people are greedy. Precisely none of this is new


WontArnett t1_j0cndwm wrote

It’s not new, but there has been a significant impact recently, and that’s what I’m talking about.


bkemp1984Part2 t1_j0bmfq0 wrote

I can say as a very frequent concert goer, those don't seem to have changed too much. I don't see mega acts or anything, mostly jam bands, smaller DJs, etc. A lot of shows that were $10 or $15 a few years ago are $20 or $25 now, but still plenty of cheaper ones and that change was gradual as opposed to a more recent skyrocket in flight


longhairedcountryboy t1_j0dv5wj wrote

I wait until close to showtime. We saw The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney both for less than $100/ticket with all fees included. If you are jumping on these Presales you are paying too much.


bkemp1984Part2 t1_j0ggiar wrote

I'll usually go to box offices around here for stuff to save on fees, but since my shows are almost never above $30 or $35, not too much shopping around. In the jam scene though people are very likely to unload for cheap or even give away or "miracle" a ticket.

For the recent Bill Strings show that sold out months ago, where tickets were $65, i got one miracled about 2 hours before show on CashorTrade and another for half off as we were walking in from our parking spot.


flea_nut_lance t1_j0c0lti wrote

Make sure you are on the official Etix Altria ticket supplier. Lot of second hand sellers come up first on google searches


Vajama77 t1_j09zqo7 wrote

I don't even bother looking at the prices of tickets to concerts because I know I won't be able to afford them!😂😔


lemonartichoke t1_j0bgfqi wrote

Recently I looked at the altria tickets for a bunch of different shows, because I really want to see a performance there, but everything is too expensive.


JP_Clark t1_j0eho7e wrote

Are you sure you are trying to buy them directly through the venue? Maybe your are on a secondhand site by accident. Orchestra seats after service charges are $85, there are also 2 tiers of tickets cheaper.


smellymob t1_j0eozqv wrote

A pack of ball park chicken hot dogs are over $4