Submitted by Much_Championship758 t3_zxx50o in rva

Hey all. I'm a RVa ex-pat and I'm coming to see some friends. I haven't been to Texas Beach or Maymont in ages. What's something we can do Friday? Places to eat, drink, walk around.



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cmyk412 t1_j23h043 wrote

I like Legend Brewing just south of the river. It’s going to be in the 60s on Friday so sitting outside is a possibility. I also recommend Lucky AF (sushi) and The Circuit Arcade Bar in Scotts Addition.


againer t1_j240a0s wrote

Texas Beach bridge might be down for repairs still.


toriwhoooooooo t1_j24ipf8 wrote

The Park just opened up in RVA - has bowling, bars, etc. Would be a fun place to check out for sure! The Jasper is doing their yearly Miracle on Cary, it's first come first serve and the line can be super long, but I've heard great things. Other than those two, you can always find something to do in Carytown or Scott's Addition area (River City Bowl, Circuit)