Submitted by TheScoob t3_zxj92w in rva

I’m looking for a sub shop that can do a six footer. Does anyone know of any sandwich shops that will do a 6 foot sub sandwich? I’ve already tried stuffy’s.



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TheScoob OP t1_j20k70i wrote

Please, no jokes about my mom enjoying a six footer.


miqcie t1_j20xhl8 wrote

12 6 inch “sandwiches” are equivalent to a 6 footer. Might have to think outside the box


narkeleptk t1_j228ews wrote

I dont think that will work Taco bell doesn't sell subs...


Krunchy_Granola t1_j20obq2 wrote

Jersey Mikes used to do a “party sub”. I think it was 4 foot but I’m not sure if they still do this.


RVA_Lakeside t1_j20r6eo wrote

Not the most quality option, but Subway does 3-ft and 6-ft party subs


ThaLZA t1_j21g0y2 wrote

Fat Kid Sandwiches just started doing party subs! 3 foot or 6 foot ones available


TheScoob OP t1_j21hwxv wrote

We did it Reddit, we really did it!!!


rva-fantom t1_j25sker wrote

Mind you it’s 16 dollars for a 6 inch Italian at their location in at the Hatch. Just to put the price into perspective.


ThaLZA t1_j25teue wrote

It’s $11 for a six inch, 13 for six inch with a side and a drink, and 17 for a footlong, so I’m not sure where you got that number?


rva-fantom t1_j25u2rk wrote

Yea I added bacon and hot peppers, somehow that added 5 dollars to the sandwich and it just blew my mind someone could charge that for a six inch


iwalktowork t1_j20w6fa wrote

Superstars on Patterson might. They used to do a 6 footer with 2 days notice.


WhalerBum t1_j20vkzs wrote

I remember Coppola’s being in the paper for making one like 30 years ago. It’s honestly just not practical. The bread never ends up being that good and is a bitch to make.


TheScoob OP t1_j2169r6 wrote

So many sandwich artist to thank, but not enough time. Thank you everyone for your kindness.


spitfyr12 t1_j21bo1m wrote

Another option, not exactly what you're asking for but may be worth considering. Your nearest Publix deli counter does "ring" subs with a day or two worth of notice that feed 8-10 people, they also do platters of portioned sammiches so it's like 6ft of sub in smaller sections. Have had both for work lunches and they're pretty tasty. Worth looking into and better than Subway...


TGIIR t1_j21wvvc wrote

Publix does make a pretty good sub. Sounds weird but my favorite is an egg salad sub. Oil and vinegar on it, too.


LouieKablooie t1_j20okg7 wrote

I think I've seen a giant sub at Zeroes off Lauderdale but not certain.


TheScoob OP t1_j20owhd wrote

Just called, sadly they only do one-foot…amateurs.


barryblowhole t1_j20sgef wrote

There’s a Zeroe’s here!?!?


MrImBoredAgain t1_j21r159 wrote

Yeah I had no idea there was one off Lauderdale. I remember the one that used to be off w broad but that closed ages ago. Thought it was the only one. They have the best cheesesteaks outside of Philadelphia IMHO


barryblowhole t1_j21r6lz wrote

I gotta hit it man. I used to love going when I lived in vb. Thanks for the inadvertent heads up!


njbrews t1_j20ypmm wrote

Wawa used to back in the day, but probably not as good anymore, but an option


-LadyofShalott- t1_j213lbr wrote

Not sure if you want one big piece or if you’re alright with it being cut up, but Walmart (and I think Costco?) does big sandwich platters


[deleted] t1_j22qje2 wrote

For sandwich platters don’t forget to check Kroger too.


1975hh3 t1_j227vzx wrote

When I worked at Jersey Mike’s back in the day we did tons of those fuckers.


rameyjm7 t1_j22jwpn wrote

Subway will do this..


"6-foot Giant Sub*: Contains 36 two inch portions, serves 18-25"


10698 t1_j241vdj wrote

Nobody wants to eat that. OP was likely asking about good 6-foot subs.


rameyjm7 t1_j243nh8 wrote

lol a six-footer is a six-footer, OP should say 'not subway' then

just take 6 foot long subs, put them side by side, done

Firehouse or jersey mikes will make you those subs no problem