Submitted by zen_compassion t3_zzutwt in rva

Was hoping one of the local theaters would do like a midnight showing or maybe the symphony would play a show, but I didn't see anything like that happening.

Anyone know of any low-key, preferably alcohol free events?



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Awkward-Kale-2898 t1_j2duvr5 wrote

There is a sober NYE event- I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for but it’s an option, check out and the details are on their event page


WontArnett t1_j2dt2ek wrote

I’m curious if there are any young recovery organizations out here?

They usually do pretty good alcohol free parties.


WinterWind4 t1_j2e8803 wrote

Richmond Triangle Players has shows tonight at 8pm and 10:30pm and it looks like tickets are still available for both. I believe they have a bar so it wouldn't be a fully sober event, but drinking wouldn't be the main focus. Hope you find something fun!


Impossible_Bill_2834 t1_j2ef2gj wrote

As a non-drinker, I now totally prefer to spend New Years at home relaxing. I have a lot of sober friends though and I'll put out feelers to see what they're up to tonight


RammmITTT t1_j2ebtsd wrote

Headed to the Siegel center for a game at 2pm (LETSGORAMS!), then it's back to our house. Not a big drinker, but also not one to one bit enjoy being surrounded by drunk people who can't handle their buzz, either. And I'm sure as heck not dishing out hard-earned money to someone for them to allow me to be blessed with being in their joint to see a clock tick down, either.