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CrassostreaVirginica OP t1_j0qau2j wrote

This guy was defeated by Rep. McEachin multiple times overwhelmingly and is back for more ( He's refused to concede his previous elections despite no evidence of fraud.

Edit: I find it interesting that the GOP used Ranked-Choice Voting to select him.


__looking_for_things t1_j0rzvin wrote

Conceding is not required for the winner to win. It's theatre to concede rather than having any legal meaning or impact on the race.

They likely used RCV because he may have been the best choice presented. They did the same for Amanda Chase to make sure she didn't win the nomination iirc.


MagicPanda703 t1_j0sy80c wrote

Conceding is required for a healthy democracy. Republicans think they can call any election they lose “stolen”- which happens to be all of them, these days


__looking_for_things t1_j0t8oj5 wrote

But am I incorrect in stating that conceding is not required by law? The winner is the person who wins the most votes per the law. So the act of conceding doesn't legally impact the election. Many candidates do not actually concede, particularly in small, local elections, mostly because no one is listening.

I'm not stating anything about if the candidate should concede, I'm just saying they aren't required to.


freetimerva t1_j0u2l5z wrote

Probably correct. But when the republican party has a history of calling elections stolen without any evidence to support the claim... it's suddenly become an important distinction between those who value democracy and those who want to dismantle it.


pchnboo t1_j0sjag0 wrote

I got blocked by John Mcguire’s FB page for being outraged on his behalf regarding their Convention to nominate the 7th district Congressional candidate. I guess a Dem protesting voter suppression on your behalf is too much. The gem was that their post was about being suppressed!!