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Western-Bar-9404 t1_j1xpsek wrote

If you type in rva influencers on instagram there’s a instagram page that follows them all. Personally I don’t think people who moved here less than 5 years ago and get free food for their instagram account should get any credibility. (Rva experience I’m lookin at u!)


GMUcovidta t1_j209fxn wrote

90% of people they follow are just normal people


Western-Bar-9404 t1_j29le0s wrote

You’re right normal people with thousands of followers. Which is what I assume OP was asking for. 👋🏼


juwanna-blomie t1_j1xfksb wrote

Miss Elainious(or however its spelled) and Kelli Lemon are the only “influencers” I really know of. But there’s other sources like Richmond Experience, Venture Richmond and RVA Mag that typically have breakdowns of weekly/weekend events on their socials.

Edit: is there a reason this is downvoted? Genuinely curious since they ARE always posting on socials about local happenings…


Two_Far t1_j211n5k wrote

Didn't the "Richmond Experience" people go on some drunken rant a couple years back? I think some busy downtown restaurant refused to seat their party in front of others who had been waiting longer. The put some big post on Instagram trashing the restaurant. The next day they took it down and wrote a big apology. But there was a lot of fallout over it.

Personally, I stopped following them after they encouraged people to take a walk along the Pipeline Trail...while the James was at flood stage!


haloranges t1_j1xofvh wrote

Not for social happenings per se but Axios Richmond's two writers and @GoadGatsby are good for keeping track of current events, local politics, etc.


Charlesinrichmond t1_j22071n wrote

Goad Gatsby?!

Dude is a raving lunatic. That said by modern standards he's pretty reasonable.

I wouldn't call him an influencer though


bigdawgwhatup t1_j1ysjuz wrote

Lmao Goad Gatsby? He’s about as unbiased as the North Korean media


wil_dogg t1_j20rx0g wrote

Tell me you don’t know what an influencer is without telling me you don’t know what an influencer is


bigdawgwhatup t1_j20v402 wrote

I know what an influencer is. He certainly influences. The word that OP used though is “good” which is what I disagree with.


RCBilldoz t1_j1yqm74 wrote

Lol @goadgatsby. Only if you want antifa important news. That is about as one sided as Faux News.

O wait, influencer then yes he is. Much like Donald.


fluufhead t1_j1z2dfw wrote

Look at y'all whining. If anything political happens in Richmond, Goad is right there with his camera and disco moustache. He puts in the work

So does RVA Dirt


jeb_hoge t1_j1z7e4j wrote

" He puts in the work "

Yeah, but he's an activist, not a journalist. You know what you're going to get.


DeviantAnthro t1_j1zbdri wrote

He's also a documenter. Much of what he does is just show what's happening, on the streets or in sessions. It's just that observing politics apparently feels leftist now a days.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j1zjr0n wrote

The only one I follow really who is an individual is miss_elaine_neous. I've found out about so many events & restaurants from her updates


djeeetyet t1_j1z3n7w wrote

who cares about influencers…they’re generally mostly lame. they’ve definitely ruined a few of my hobbies/interests. like i don’t need someone a decade or more younger than me telling me they think they know more than i do about xyz and then doing it in this phony saccharine for social media way.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j1z51zc wrote

I think OP is using a different definition for "influencer" than you or I.

I think of an influencer as photoshop lifestyle and thinly veiled advertisements, whereas this post seems to be asking for someone who reports on Richmond area happenings and events (a "reporter" as the old heads like to say).


djeeetyet t1_j1z9gef wrote

probably, the only good source for that i think is the social media pages for media outlets or a collective hub of them. all individual ones are self-serving imo.


njbrews t1_j1xj7ga wrote

Miss Elaine Neous on IG


JamesBhand-007 t1_j1zf77y wrote

@restlessrva on IG is good for music events on Thursday-Sunday

Also agree with Miss Elaine Neous on IG!


ClydeSimpleton t1_j1xg1tj wrote

Elliott in the morning


Master-Ad-5153 t1_j1z89uc wrote

You mean the guy based in DC and uses relatively old news whenever he mentions anything from this area?


TigMac t1_j1z7ooe wrote

I like the comment, but wouldn't he be DC?


topdino t1_j1yxxzt wrote

Jamia Brooks!


I_AM_RVA t1_j1xuq99 wrote

Me. I’m a local influencer.


Ditovontease t1_j1z1br5 wrote

? I just ask my friends who work at bars lmao


jacksonwarg t1_j1xj8ig wrote

I've only been here a few years so I don't have experience with all of them, but from what I've read, TV Head, duck man, burpee guy, glitter bomber, Francine are the most influential.


Chickenmoons t1_j1yi7qx wrote

Jeff and Jeff in the morning. RIP.


femanonette t1_j1z6z4k wrote

Trying to Adult on meetup is lead by a woman named Sam. I don't know that she's necessarily an 'influencer' in the Instagram sense, but she does frequently come up with fun things to do around Richmond for the group!


notme1234510 t1_j20exkc wrote

RVAFoodBae on Instagram has the best videos I’ve seen


92eph t1_j217no3 wrote

ContainedCreations is based in RVA and has a big following in the gardening world. Content is not RVA-specific though.