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DickThunder420 t1_j6fkqad wrote

>" Tons of people's commutes run straight through campus" there is your problem, -VCU didn't think it through when they started building up the campus, all they saw were dollar signs.


CrassostreaVirginica OP t1_j6g1fx3 wrote

Hot take, but pedestrians and cyclists should be able to be safe even (or especially) in cities.


FromTheIsle t1_j6hu3bi wrote

This city used to be more dense than it is now. VCU isn't the problem. Forcing cars into cities and putting them on literally every road with little to no protected routes for pedestrians and bikes is a problem. There isn't too many people here, there's too many cars.


DickThunder420 t1_j6koc7r wrote

Here's a student quote from a recent local news article; "You have to go at the same time, and when it's class change time and there's 200 people walking down the street, people get impatient," he said.
Sounds like too many people to me.
And another; “Some of the time, the cars be driving by too fast,"
Sounds like a lack of intelligence...this from a college student.
Also, it would not surprise me if both the driver and the ped were on their phones.
The driver has not been charged, fyi.