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dalbach77 t1_j5unlku wrote

The VCU area intersections could use the all red light and white ped crossing in every direction. Might be called a pedestrian scramble in the world of road engineering.


chasetwisters t1_j5vhyt1 wrote

Yep. The Barnes Dance, also known as the Pedestrian Scramble. It typically allows for diagonal crossings as well which I think would make a ton of sense around VCU.


ananthropolothology t1_j5wn0v4 wrote

Northampton, MA has the scramble with diagonal crosswalks and it's so smart in a college town.


jodyhighrola t1_j5v8ehg wrote

Will never work here. Drivers simply do not care and don't stop unless they feel like it.

You'd need a massive concrete wall to automatically erect on each side of the crosswalk. Even then, cars will just smash into it and then get mad at the pedestrians.


ActuallyRobbie t1_j5w5w4a wrote

Because so many people believe that our streets are for cars. In fact, streets are for people, some of whom are in cars.


rhaphido t1_j5vzrqu wrote

It’s not just drivers. The pedestrians act like idiots over there. I’ve seen some dumb shit at that number 2 intersection. I had two girls run into the middle of it to pet my dog when I was on the OTHER side of Broad from them, without checking for traffic once. That was my first FB live encounter.

The amount of people that try to cross Broad there without checking for traffic is baffling.

And all the food delivery drivers who park in the middle of an active lane and just throw their flashers on don’t help.


The_GOATest1 t1_j5vdddm wrote

You’re being a hit hyperbolic don’t you think? I’ve seen drivers who don’t have a care in the world but seeing people run red lights casually is still fairly rare


Own_Potential8144 OP t1_j5vg2j5 wrote

Idk about you but Ive seen a lot of people run reds here


The_GOATest1 t1_j5vgupa wrote

I’m not talking about the knuckle heads that try to fly past yellows that are really reds. I’m talking about they pull into an intersection it’s red and they act like it wasn’t. I’ve seen it a hand full of times especially in the area being discussed


Chickenmoons t1_j5w0chp wrote

Are you new here? Is this a prank? I’ve seen folks blow reds in front of cops and nothing happened. I’ve seen cops run red lights, people are increasingly running stale reds, like not even paying attention while texting and not even slowing down through a stale red. It’s insane.


The_GOATest1 t1_j5w4w8o wrote

Maybe I’m just driving in the wrong part of time. It’s definitely rare in my experience


Kamesod t1_j5v0dap wrote

They got those random ass ped crossings in between lights on broad. Are cars supposed to stop for those? NONE of them do. It would be unwise for a pedestrian to assume cars stop at those. What's the deal?!


noodleypotato t1_j5v0ofc wrote

Every intersection on Semmes Ave should be included. There’s basically an accident every 2 days


thorlord16 t1_j5wrx81 wrote

Or Hull and Commerce. The number of times I've seen emergency lights there while coming home is astronomical, let alone all the accidents that don't require EMT or police


JudoMoose t1_j65n3j7 wrote

A pedestrian accident every two days?! That's crazy


dreww4546 t1_j5uleh0 wrote

So, if the city built a few safe ways to cross broad and Belvidere, a lot of these would be eliminated.

Hopefully the city will paint the crosswalks a cool color that compliments the red pulse lanes. I vote Green.


Own_Potential8144 OP t1_j5umpep wrote

It would be helpful to create crosswalk buttons/signs that actually do something. There are too many crosswalk signs that tell pedestrians to walk at the same time drivers get green lights to turn. It would be better if they either create warning lights like HAWK beacons, or if the timing made more sense


rdt69420 t1_j5unzi0 wrote

The amount of times I’ve been honked at by a dumbass driver that thinks they have the right of way because their light is green when I have the “green” light to walk is insane. It should go without saying that a vehicle is to yield to pedestrians, but sadly it don’t be like that.


Asterion7 t1_j5ylexf wrote

They should make right turn on reds illegal in the city. They will never do that. And even if they did they wouldn't enforce it. Drivers turning right never look for pedestrians, they usually look the other way to make sure a car isn't coming and don't look at the crosswalk at all.


ImmobilizedbyCheese t1_j5yom0z wrote

I make a point to look for people and bikes. Even on Main and Cary I look the opposite direction to look up the sidewalk before pulling up to block a crossing to turn or cross.


TheRapidTrailblazer t1_j6f5o8y wrote

I'm not trying to defend the driver here, but I do find it frustrating and unsafe that both the driver and the pedestrian have a green light at the same time. I would rather wait an extra 30 seconds at the light than to be afraid of hitting someone.


Et-selec t1_j5wtm93 wrote

I think people honk just to get pedestrians to walk faster, not cus they think they have the right of way. Still rude lol


lame_gaming t1_j5v47k9 wrote

because in america we need big flashing lights to get drivers to stop for pedestrians… sigh


EmbarrassedScheme357 t1_j5vd1lh wrote

I can’t stand when people don’t yield to pedestrians while making a right turn. The amount of times I’ve almost been run over at Broad / Belvidere


airquotesNotAtWork t1_j5v8p1j wrote

Man, all of main St in the bottom is terrifying as a pedestrian. I would have thought 21st would be worse though, I’ve seen a ton of cars flipped after being hit there


SnowWhitesBox t1_j5w7eqy wrote

Was also surprised that it was 24th and not 21st. But, no light at 24th and people leaving the grocery store/CVS constantly.

Would like to add that after living in the bottom it can be pretty terrifying as a driver too


pennroyalk t1_j5vmf8r wrote

I live by that intersection and was kind of surprised it wasn’t on there. I’ve heard some many wrecks in the past 2 years it hardly surprises me anymore


geneb0322 t1_j5w0cwr wrote

I used to live at that 21st and Main intersection and really expected it to be on this list.. I was there from 2015 to 2018 and I recall at least 3 that I saw with my own eyes and figured that I wasn't around for several more. I'm very surprised that there wasn't more than 6 between 2015 and 2022.

Edit: Nevermind, I looked at the image better and see that these are crashes involving pedestrians... I don't specifically recall anything happening with pedestrians there, though I certainly would require more than my two hands to count the close calls I personally had as a pedestrian.


airquotesNotAtWork t1_j5w9fi5 wrote

Yeah. Now that I see this is a list for places where pedestrians are it 100% makes sense for 24th and main. Pulse stop. There’s been so many times where I’ve seen close calls there while getting on/off the pulse. E.g. get off the westbound station, someone turns west on main from 25th and takes off, person getting off the pulse crossing main at 24th, can’t see the oncoming car because of the bus and bam, close call at best.


lame_gaming t1_j5v55se wrote

i have a radical solution: slow the cars down so their not killing people!


PhuncleSam t1_j5w0n5o wrote

Smaller cars would also be beneficial. SUVs and trucks have gotten ridiculously big.


ImmobilizedbyCheese t1_j5yoxep wrote

And you can't see around them when they're parked and they always pull up past the stop bar at intersections forcing a no turn on red. "But I need this to haul a couch once every 10 years" or "I like sitting up high so I can see around me." Yeah fucker, and then you make it impossible for people in normal sized cars to see anything.


OddWelcome2502 t1_j5zo11z wrote

and then they all want to live in the city and park on the street. I lived on Floyd across from Binford and there was a giant, massive truck that took up the same space as 3 compact cars, and also blocked some of the regular driving lane.


[deleted] t1_j5vs4sw wrote



CBassTian t1_j5wa8ef wrote

>Willow Lawn Dr. & W Broad St.

There's not even a crosswalk on the East side across W Broad St at Willow Lawn Dr. and that's where the Pulse ends and passengers have to transfer for travel to destinations further west. I know theres one on the other side but seems like many people will risk it.


WarmTaffy t1_j5wgnhh wrote

I take that route occasionally and many riders do indeed risk it.


Top-Painting-1301 t1_j5yisow wrote

I live close to here. Crossing at Willow Lawn and Monument is really scary too! I’ve been crossing when it’s legal to cross and had drivers lay on their horns to the point I almost jumped out of my damn skin. Ridiculous.


OddWelcome2502 t1_j5znn8n wrote

I believe a pedestrian was killed here just before Christmas.


CBassTian t1_j601gr4 wrote

Oh wow, that's tragic. Didn't even make the news! West Broad west of Staples Mill is a massive stroad. I won't cross most intersections there due to lack of crosswalk.


OddWelcome2502 t1_j602pj9 wrote

it was right near the Chik Fil A. I can only hope they got one last nugget. Joking, but not really. Chik Fil A should have paid for a cross walk. They know the lengths people are willing to go to get that peanut oil goodness.


CBassTian t1_j60ovzn wrote

If they're truly "good Christians", they should provide a better path to the restaurant but really it's the Richmond DOT's duty to provide better pedestrian infrastructure.


[deleted] t1_j5uw8kv wrote



Own_Potential8144 OP t1_j5uzb0o wrote

Can we talk about how insane it is that there’s a crosswalk on a 95 on-ramp on Broad near MCV? I wonder how many med students have been plowed down there. Serious need for a pedestrian bridge there.


3FoxInATrenchcoat t1_j5vb968 wrote

Oh ya know, they put a big mirror there so the pedestrians and cars can see each other so problem solved!


And then on the other side of the coin it causes long backs down Broad and causes frustration, swerving in and out, and cutting off drivers ahead who are trying to slow down and stop to let pedestrians cross. VCU has plenty of fucking money they can and should build a pedestrian overpass or tunnel and work with the City and VDOT (who are literally across the street looking at this) on a viable solution…yesterday.


Round_Calligrapher79 t1_j5yto50 wrote

What would be really awesome would be rebuilding the bridge that apparently used to exist on Marshall Street and making it for pedestrians and bikes only. Seems like a perfect solution, but it looks like that path has been obstructed by a building. Maybe that could still work out as a simple pedestrian bridge for people going to and from the MCV campus though, which does seem to be the origin of most of the foot traffic.


bozatwork t1_j5uyhrz wrote

When I worked in Shockoe and used the deck by 14th Street, it was a regular occurrence to dodge a car looking left while turning right on red. A coworker was hit and hospitalized too. Of course this was nearly 20 years ago now, but I see nothing has changed.


FrankieMunizOfficial t1_j5wq3u1 wrote

Awful. We have known for ~50 years that right on red is incredibly dangerous, it should not be legal anywhere


bkemp1984Part2 t1_j5uobtc wrote

If you're heading west in the Franklin St bike lane and want to go down Grace after crossing Belvidere, since the bike lane ends and Franklin is a one way eastward, it sucks. Just trying to go west from there in general is "fun". The Main St to Broad corridor on Belvidere brings out the crazy and two of these intersections are on the list.


tepppp t1_j5wvbgx wrote

The drivers turning left from Franklin onto Belvidere would much rather run me over than let me peacefully ride my bike in the designated green painted cycle lane there. Love some 'I just nearly died following the law' adrenaline on my daily commute


danadane1419 t1_j5utjx9 wrote

Willow Lawn and W Broad is a hood ornament waiting to happen. Too many people hopping off buses and not looking


lycosid t1_j5uwcz8 wrote

Surprised and skeptical that none of these are in Southside


augie_wartooth t1_j5v0ope wrote

Same. There seem to be an awful lot of injuries from pedestrian involved crashes on Midlothian Turnpike between Westover Hills/Belt and Chippenham…


BlannaTorresFanfic t1_j5veeqv wrote

It’s possible that south side just wasn’t included in the stats, but it’s also nowhere near as densely populated or trafficked as VCU or the bottom


kissin_cuzzins t1_j5v8xo3 wrote

Have they seen Bainbridge and Hull or any intersection on Semmes Ave.? This is one map I'm happy to see the southside left off of but def skeptical as to how none of these are listed as some of the worst intersections.


Own_Potential8144 OP t1_j5vapmr wrote

Perhaps they don’t involve pedestrians? That’s what this data is referring to


kissin_cuzzins t1_j5vfpnw wrote

Yea that would make sense. It’s sad to say but I feel like a lot of people who would like to walk have just given up on braving these intersections for fear of getting killed or seriously maimed.


turnipmeatloaf t1_j5vemat wrote

Strong Towns recently has an article about the corners at intersections. How they’re large and curved to help cars turn, but this 1) encourages speeding 2) reduces space for pedestrians. Bump outs to forcibly reduce speed at turns would be an effective (yet controversial) solution for accidents caused by right turns


mydpy t1_j5wca8d wrote

They definitely got #1 correct.


Diet_Coke t1_j5uz2n7 wrote

I've thought about starting a video series of me safely crossing dangerous intersections, thanks for the map.


Own_Potential8144 OP t1_j5v05m1 wrote

Do it! With live monologue!

Seriously I think lawmakers need some firsthand experience walking through parts of this city. Just take one look at what the rest of us deal with everyday


Richmond_Mondo t1_j5wawdg wrote

If anyone heard Bobby Vincent (head of DPW) talking at the 3rd District meeting the other night, they would know with certainty that fuckwit doesn’t care about pedestrians one bit. Car first city for that guy.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j5v26vp wrote

I'm considering filming each time I cross at Roseneath/Broad. I've almost been flattened multiple times by inattentive turners.


Fit-Order-9468 t1_j5vbpjf wrote

I got some hate for this last time, but I don’t understand the need to have every minor road outlet onto the big b streets. Turn some of them into no outlet, with that part of the road becoming a park or parking lot.

All these little nowhere streets are such a waste of land.


SorryDuplex t1_j5vufjh wrote

Is it an intersection in Virginia? It’s dangerous.


Ok-Champion719 t1_j5vhjs0 wrote

This is why at VCU you get 790 crash alerts every hour


marcopolo_12 t1_j5vn246 wrote

How is monument & Sheppard not here? 1 of every 5 cars don’t know how to take a left there


MrBillyRattlelance t1_j5vq20y wrote

It’s not most dangerous by volume but Monument and commonwealth is good for 2 horrific accidents a year


gijgctknn t1_j66200u wrote

Woah this did not age well ):


raindeerpie t1_j5vnb2d wrote

oh. so the AP hill intersection isn't the most dangerous then.


Diet_Coke t1_j5vqcnv wrote

Probably not a lot of pedestrians trying to cross right there.


raindeerpie t1_j5z1ax8 wrote

yeah i missed the part about it being only pedestrians. but it's not like no one lives there. if it was really a dangerous intersection than pedestrians would be getting hit too.


Diet_Coke t1_j5z2l7h wrote

It's not a super walkable area though, there aren't a lot of businesses right around that intersection so the only reason to cross it would be if you were walking to someone's house. There's the school too but parents probably aren't letting their kids walk across that intersection to go there either. Look at all the intersections on this map and you will notice they are all in commercial areas.

When you look at car accidents, the intersection of Hermitage and Laburnum is #3 most dangerous (source)


Richmond_Mondo t1_j5waepp wrote

It doesn’t look like that intersection is in the area of focus. But also you’re taking your life into your hands if you try to cross there. Even when the crossing guards are there at Holton arrival and dismissal, I still see some reckless as driving.

But if I remember the conversation on the dangers of the AP Hill intersection correctly, it was around crashes, not pedestrian injury/deaths.


raindeerpie t1_j5z0s1k wrote

it includes an intersection at willow lawn that is not in the area of focus. I did overlook this being only pedestrian related accidents though. that could explain it.


Weekly-Eggs t1_j5vz14j wrote

Forgot Sheppard/Monument intersection. I see a crash there at least once a week.


jking94 t1_j5vz7gj wrote

Harrison and Clay is a nightmare for accidents as well


Dripp_e t1_j5wlqzz wrote

I've seen so much sketchy shit happen at 17th and Broad. Including people driving the wrong way.


tepppp t1_j5wx0g4 wrote

I've had the misfortune of being a pedestrian at that intersection many times, people driving there would rather flatten you than wait 5 seconds for you to cross


FattieBanton t1_j5wmnb3 wrote

Any stats on Gaskins & Broad over in Henrico?


stalepreserves t1_j65b7c0 wrote

A VCU student died this morning crossing at Laurel and West Main


TheRapidTrailblazer t1_j6f6kp2 wrote

It was so sad hearing that. Later that night I was driving home from an event and they put a crosswalk guard there, like where was this before the accident?! Fearing for my life everytime I'm walking/bussing to class.


gorerc t1_j5xd9yg wrote

Got T Boned going north on Harrison when someone ran the red light on broad, on their phone, and she didn’t even have her license with her when cops arrived on scene. My only accident I’ve ever been in, so I guess I’m one of the 12😂


ahhmygosh t1_j5y2j6p wrote

A girl in a red Volkswagen literally slammed into my car at the stop light between w franklin and Belvedere yesterday because she wasn’t paying attention and going way too fast.. dumb drivers man


tallbabycogs t1_j5y82z6 wrote

When I worked down there over ten years ago I actually saw someone get hit by a car at Cary and 14th.


CountryFriedQuinoa t1_j5zd64z wrote

Ahh. Ole intersection 8. Old office had a view of it. Side swipes were a weekly occurrance.


Dolphinkush t1_j60dc4o wrote

Parkwood and meadow have crashes constantly


drdeeznuts420 t1_j69algr wrote

23rd and Broad. Give me car crashes and/or give me death


raindeerpie t1_j5vnys9 wrote

so these are crashes over 7 years? only 1 fatality. the worst intersection only had 13 crashes over 7 years. this seams really really low. unless i'm not reading this right we have some really safe driving infrastructure. I'd love to see it compared to other cities or see what they define as an injury.


Own_Potential8144 OP t1_j5vrjhf wrote

These are crashes involving pedestrians.

Also fatalities really shouldnt be our only measuring stick here…


raindeerpie t1_j5z14hs wrote

then what should be? 13 accidents over 7 years is concerning but not alarming. we can definitely improve our cities walkability, but people are dumb. we will never eliminate accidents. someone will always be distracted and either walk into traffic with out looking or drive up on a sidewalk.


DustySleeve t1_j5w1vy0 wrote

Nonono mobs of bikers and 4 wheelers are the problem because they do things different in a way i can be mad at. My often lethal chosen mode of transportation is fine because i do it.

Tbf all those intersections have ass visibility and/or signage and were never properly modernized from high visibility and streetcar times


Skyagunsta21 t1_j5v6zzx wrote

Only 1 fatality? Pretty good for 7 years


Diet_Coke t1_j5vpxv6 wrote

Which of your family members would you sacrifice in exchange for poorly built infrastructure?


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[deleted] t1_j5uxd2r wrote



lame_gaming t1_j5v4n28 wrote

mb. ill walk a quarter of a mile to the light, wait two minutes, and walk another quarter of a mile


PayneTrainSG t1_j5uvaix wrote

How many of these involve the terrorist sect known as the broad street bullies?